8 Unnecessary Attachments Carefree People Don’t Have5 min read


Life is about attachments, we attach ourselves to so many things that soon we find out we are not our self anymore, our natural right to freedom becomes nothing more but an illusion.

We gather a bag full of relics and lessons from the past each year until that bag becomes too heave and you no longer remember how it’s like without it.

With fewer attachments, our bag becomes lighter, comes with a larger sense of internal peace, shedding the unnecessary layers of it.

We all have our bag, even if we realize it or not, but as you navigate through life, remember the heavy burden you carry on yourself every day and try to let go.

You will immediately start feeling reborn again, fresh and free. A sense of release will come over you making you feel happier and liberated when you learn to let go.

Here Are 8 Unnecessary Attachments you don’t need:

 The Approval Of Others

Something we have the illusion we need is that we need to be accepted and be approved by others, this is all an illusion we’ve created.

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People are going to have opinions regardless of what you do, even if you cure cancer tomorrow some people will find the bad thing in it and criticize you.

Do yourself a favor and stop letting them waste your time.

Social Media

Social Media is a huge part of your life, a stressful part. One way to quit it is deleting everything you don’t like on it (Friends, pages, groups) that don’t serve you anymore.

You can delete it altogether and start fresh on it, create an account that nobody knows you and let your old account go to rest. Or if you find it too much of stress just quit it.

Trust me, you can learn to live without it and you will find that life is a lot simpler on the other side.


Carefree people don’t spend most of the time thinking of the future for the perfect moment to have a glimpse of happiness.

Live in the moment and stop focusing on the future to be happy, be happy now and enjoy what’s around your right now!

Stop wasting time on films and series that don’t make you feel good and start focusing on something special to really enjoy your time, like enjoying nature or playing with your dog or cat.


Carefree people don’t have this problem of being indecisive, being indecisive will get you nowhere in life.

You need to take your decision and stop thinking “What IF”, stop living with regret over the past mistakes, the past is the past and you can’t change it, yes, we all wish for a time-machine but until then we have to accept it.

Do yourself a favor and start making choices, because regrets and consequences are better than nothing at all.


Nostalgia has about two feelings, the feeling of missing the old days and how good they were but you’re glad you’ve moved on. 

And the feeling of always wanting to be back in the past and live your life again there but you’re stuck in this stressful burden of being an adult.

Don’t fall into the second category, it will not help you in life and it won’t do you any good, try to move on.

Daydreaming of the good old days behind you is as fruitless as the daydreaming of the better days in front of you.

Bad People

You know who they are, even if you don’t want to admit it to yourself, they are the once that you feel anxiety when you’re about to talk to them or meet them. 

The once who leave you with a bad taste in your mouth. It doesn’t matter if it’s family or friends, find yourself the guts and courage to cut them off from your life.

If you care about your mental health, your wellbeing and if your life comes first to you, cut them off as soon as possible, because you know they are only nice in your face but as soon as you turn your back it gets covered in spit.


Carefree people don’t have a problem with guilt, what is there to feel guilty of? Guild is just like shame, it only works if you think it and feel it, as soon as you say “I don’t care I’ve already moved on” nobody sees the shame or guild anymore.

Life is too short to be a bitter taste of guilt, I would much rather taste love, relief, and happiness than guilt.

Imagine Guilt as a pill you don’t really have to swallow but you do it anyway, as soon as you stop doing it the better you’ll feel and taste the sweet taste of joy.

Toxic Friendships

This category also gets in the “bad people “ one but I just felt like I need to say it again because we simply find ourselves in a toxic friendship without realizing it.

Friends, I mean toxic friends, are like your past. They need to be forgotten, forgiven and accepted for what they were but let go of them, must shed when there’s no more room in your future for them.

Stop and evaluate all your friends, all your relatives and everyone you know, select only those that make you feel good, helping you in need with whatever they could and keep them close, you can let go of all the other fake once.