Can You be Born Without a Soul?4 min read


 Understanding what a Soul is, it’s one of the most essential and fundamental tasks on a spiritual path.

The Soul is the true nature of who you really are, the immaterial essence and the energy you carry around with you in an invisible manner.

A psychologist and shamanic teacher “ Christa Mackinnon” says this about the Soul.

“It is our soul that provides us with a kind of inner voice, a moral compass and direction. It is our soul that we hear as this ‘little voice inside’ reminding us that there is more we can become, and it is our soul that suffers when we don’t nourish it by integrating a spiritual component into our lives and striving to give our lives meaning and purpose.“  – Christa Mackinnon –

Can Your Soul Disappear suddenly or Die? 

The short answer is No it can never disappear or Die, but it can get lost and you can get detached from it for a short or long period of time, this is what the West refers to as a “lost soul” (losing your way in life). 

Your soul can not die or get lost, only you may lose connection with your soul due to life trauma or just life experience.

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 As it says in “Bhagavad Gita” an ancient Indian text: 

The soul is never touched; it is immutable, all-pervading, calm, unshakable; its existence is eternal.”

The Soul is pure energy, your life-source, it can never die but it can change form. As you change in life because of your life experiences so does your soul, you can get closer and closer to it or you can detach from it.

If you truly stop and reflect on an emotional level, contemplate this and integrate it, the realization could change the way we think about death.

Can you be Born Without a Soul? 

Could that be possible? To be born without a Soul?

Some might say yes and some might say no, this could get controversial as we all have different opinions. 

Could make the argument that there are really bad people ( Murderers, rapists, psychopaths and so on) but remember that Soul is pure Energy, and everyone has energy in them, therefore they must have a soul. 

Some people just seem soulless, they seem like they are dead inside. But that is sometimes because of their past, childhood trauma, society or familial trauma. 

Sometimes the trauma is so huge and intense on a person it can lose touch with their soul forever, having a barrier between them and the soul or the spiritual realm, people full of rage, pain, grief, and hatred, it is almost impossible for them to see thru this trauma and believe they have a soul.

As a person who has detached completely from their soul, they are emotionless, numb, not feeling anything, those people can commit true horrific crimes because he has no empathy at all for anything or anyone, you so become a creature of the darkness, not dead but also …. not alive.

As the book “Spiritual Ecology” says:

“The idea of the human soul … calls us toward our individual and unique relationship to the world. In this sense, soul and Spirit suggest opposites—the unique versus the universal, that which is approached by way of descent versus that which is approached by way of ascent. Ultimately, however, each soul (each thing in its soul aspect) exists as an expression of Spirit and serves as an agent or emissary for Spirit. Our individual relationships with Spirit and soul are not contradictory but complementary. A complete spirituality embraces our relationships to both Spirit and soul, not just one or the other. Together these two realms of spirituality form a whole. Either one alone is incomplete.”