STEM: Zero Point Energy Anti-Gravity Centrifuge Engine

STEM Abstract: Galaxies, Solar Systems, Celestial Bodies are all Centrifuges of Nature, Naturally Occurring Gravity Powered Perpetual Motion Centrifuges. E=M/0[2] In our Universe. Galaxies, Solar Systems, Celestial Bodies are all naturally occurring gravity powered perpetual motion centrifuges applicable as in nature so through reverse-engineering nature, wonders of technology are invented… Continue reading

Zenarchism: Quantum Chaos Theory

Zenarchism: Quantum Chaos Theory Quantum Hypothesis: Chaos Theory, Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Chaos Theory; The Human Problem of the Existential Equation solved by the Divine Solution. Zenarchism: Zenarchist Quantum Chaos Theory in application to create the ideal self and the ideal society. Consciousness is sentient energy. Energy cannot be created or destroyed; only… Continue reading