The Key to Happiness1 min read

 Just because a person does not feel happy, does not mean they are unhappy. I feel like people put themselves into actual depression by wondering why they aren’t happy, but the problem is they are looking at what they think happiness means to other people and then wonder why their own actions don’t reflect the so called “happy” people’s actions. So then they think they must be depressed.
I think this whole idea is taken advantage of big big pharma and they come up with all this bullshit saying we need medicationss to make us happy, or they tell us we are not happy blah blah just so they can prescribe medication specifically designed to make your symptoms worse and generates all new issues that were non existent before.
All this just to make money. And there’s so many people trapped in the wheel with no clue, all the way up to the doctors prescribing this garbage to people. Have you ever heard the saying the best way to become rich is to create a problem for which you already have a solution.
The point is, don’t get lost in what you think should and should not be. Just be yourself and don’t worry.
Aaron R. Ziegler and Scott McNinch
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