Why Spirituality Doesn’t Work for Most People4 min read

The title might seem a bit negative, but the truth is that most people who decide to take the spiritual path, don’t make a lot of progress or if any at all. 

We believe this is for a few reasons. We hope to help everyone reading this article, and if you have these problems, we hope this helped, and you avoid this spirituality pit fails. 

What exactly is spirituality? This is not precisely clear to most people, which is also a part of the reason why it confuses so many.  

One of the difficulties when it comes to talking about spirituality is that we all think of it in our perspective and understand it. Still, we all need to be aware of the big picture when we talk about spirituality, consciousness, astral-worlds, and so on. 

Whether we are talking about the “higher self” or ascended masters or spirituality, we are only talking about 1 part of the bigger picture, only one slice of the pie. Perhaps that is why so many people have troubles getting somewhere. 

If we all understood the bigger picture, than talking about any of these things would be a lot easier. And there’s only one big picture, “The Truth, is the truth.”  

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Every time we write an article about something, we wish we could preface each one with a comprehensive overview of the bigger picture. In that way, we would have a better context to understand spiritual ideas. 

So, what is the big picture? 

“It’s the description or blueprint for the operation of our entire reality – including the motivation and reason for its existence.”  

It is hard to comprehend our entire reality, the whole energy of the universe, the ultimate consciousness., everything, Zen. 

By “Entire reality,” we mean everything that exists – physical worlds, mental worlds, our souls, etc. Souls are nothing but pure consciousness, pure energy with a unique and particular set of characteristics.  

Therefore, it can be challenging to explain the most straightforward concepts of spirituality when there’s no clarification of the bigger picture. 

When it comes to spirituality, we all look for places to learn; we watch videos, read articles, books, and whatever we can get our hands on, but what we do not do after is where we lose focus. 

After watching a video, or reading an article, we quickly get distracted by everything around us, social-media, house chores, we need to run somewhere, and we forget to absorb the information we’ve just ingested about what we were learning. 

Here’s where many people find the problem to continue their spiritual journey, they don’t sit and meditate on what they have learned. 

What they have acknowledged, they are reading fast and quick to get it over with and move on to something more “fun” to do. 

What we need to do to grow as a spiritual person, soul, mind-set, is to meditate on what we read, or watched, or acknowledge from a talk with someone. 

  • Sit in your room and quiet your mind, relax and just let your thoughts flow through your head on everything you know and have read so far.

  • You will see it will come to you; you will make a puzzle in your head that after you’ve completed, you’ve awoken. 

Even still, it’s a slow burn process of knowing and learning, of figuring it out. 

Nobody has the complete knowledge of the whole system, but together, we can make the puzzle bigger and bigger, if we all learn from each other, we can start seeing the bigger picture of the problem. 

Never stop learning about it, as the greatest mystery of all is life itself. 

“As our island of knowledge grows, so does the shore of our ignorance” – John Wheeler. 

Over the years, we’ve begun to see a current trend among the information, which helped form our current picture. 

We think it’s important to understand the big picture first, before getting involved in all the smaller things. By the more minor things we mean – Chakras, astrology, out-of-body experiences, soul-mates. 

Spiritually also gets people caught up in this small part, and it makes them forget about the bigger picture, that is so important to keep this in mind, THE BIG PICTURE.


About Darius Copac

I am 32, passionate about spirituality, metaphysics, science and psychology. Life coach, speaker and Law Of Attraction certified practitioner. Lead writer for Quantum World: Awaken Your Mind, I like to travel the world and I am an activist.
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