Throat Chakra Healing3 min read


Throat Chakra is known for the seed of self-expression, of being yourself, of being natural. But sometimes it needs healing. 

It sits on the throat, neck, and shoulder area, and it’s the fifth chakra going up. 

If you’ve been the kind of person who speaks his truth, speaks his mind, having a vision that you don’t mind sharing with anyone around you, and if you’re a great communicator than you have a healthy throat chakra. 

The Throat Chakra can damage itself, and it’s prone to damage when your life energy or force energy doesn’t move through the different chakras as it should. 

Some things symbolize an unhealthy chakra but are also essential to know which organs are related to this vital communication center. 

The organs associated with the Throat Chakra are “Trachea, Esophagus, Mouth, Ears, Nose and Carotid arteries.” 

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The Throat Chakra is represented by the color blue, and it can determine how well you get along with others since once voice in speech can decide if one is honest with you or a liar that lies to you for selfish reasons. 

Once your Throat Chakra is healed, you will be able to talk freely, speak your truth without fear of reprisal or judgment, it also increases your self-awareness that can only come from speaking one’s truth. 

You can tell you have an unhealthy Throat Chakra. Some of the conditions that are associated with this include “Laryngitis, Throat problems, neck pain, shoulder pain, fear, compulsive eating.” 

To heal your Throat Chakra, you must first be honest with yourself, learn how to admit to yourself if you’re correct or not, only you know it. 

Accept everything about yourself, good and bad, wrong and right. This can help restore your energy located in your throat chakra;

 it’s vital that you speak your truth and be honest, start with yourself first, and then with others. 

This will begin your healing. Another thing that helps to heal is to be hydrated, drink lots of fluids such as “water, natural juice, lime, grapefruit, and teas.” 

Another essential thing to heal yourself is to start expressing yourself through writing, painting, dancing, speaking honestly, and not shying away from something; share your thoughts with friends and family that you can trust. 

This will encourage you to have faith in yourself, to be confident in you and your abilities, it will slowly rebuild and redirect your energy around your throat chakra. 

It’s also a considerable boost and helps to work-out your neck to release the tense energy around your neck, back, and shoulders. 

Try also getting a massage. Do not let the tension build up as it interferes with the flow of lifeforce energy. 

Throat Chakra thrives on courage and authenticity, do not shy away from speaking your truth, to be honest, and self-balanced with yourself and others. 

Also, do not be afraid of being judged; if you keep it inside you because of fear of judgment, it’s not good for your well-being.