Looking for Fulfillment in Life? Must Read3 min read


We are all looking for fulfillment in our life, but many of us have lost our ways, our path, our journey in the running after something that we shouldn’t run after. 

Whether you drive a Volkswagen or you drive a Bentley, the road remains the same, doesn’t it? 

Whether you speak on a Samsung or you talk on an iPhone, the person you are calling remains the same 

Whether you’re flying economy class or business class, the destination remains the same. 

Whether you are wearing a simple Fastrack or you are wearing an Omega or a Rolex, the time remains the same, isn’t it? 

It’s incredible how we work ourselves up so much with increasing the standard of living that we forget to improve the standard of our life. 

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And which is why wherever I travel, I am appealing to people; there’s nothing wrong with an Omega, there’s nothing wrong with a Bentley. If you have those, drive them, if you can afford those, surely drive them, that is not our point. 

But in trying to enhance and increase and improvise the standard of your living, please do not forget and do not compromise the standard of your life. 

It is not the standard of your living that makes you happy; it is the standard of your life that makes you happy.       

We forget very often to give attention to those things that genuinely make us happy. 

The high price things we are talking about only have utility value, not happiness value. 

You can travel first-class or drive a Bentley, but in doing so, never compromise on those principles that also improve the standard of your life. 

As the saying goes, “Some people are so poor, so poor that all they have is money.” I didn’t give any attention to this until recently, to realize this statement is so very true. 

If you only have money, then you only have things with utility value, if you have no one you trust, no partner to share with and trust, no love in your life, no friends you call truly call them your friends, then all you have is money, and that is very poor for the soul. 

I consider life a poverty-stricken life. If you all you have is money, you’re the most unfortunate person in the world.  

Because there is more to life than money, and there is way more to life than what money can buy. 

If you want to know how rich you are honestly, drop a tear, and see how many hands come forward to help you. Our happiness and our increased standard of life, are not in things, it’s in people, in relationships, in friendships. 

It’s a meaningful, deep heartfelt bonding of love that brings fulfillment to the heart. It’s those meaningful exchanges of love that we share in relationships that bring pure joy to the heart. 

Isn’t it the greatest irony? That something that brings the greatest fulfillment, and it doesn’t cost anything, we very conveniently neglect in the pursuit of increasing and enhancing the standards of living.