How to Minimize and Quit Drama in your Life. 4 Crucial Steps You Didn’t Know6 min read


“When you are not honoring the present moment by allowing it to be, you are creating drama.” ~Eckhart Tolle –

I don’t know if this was just me but from the beginning of school drama suddenly started to show up in my life. Everywhere I went or with almost anyone I’d meet there would be some drama at some point in time regardless of relationship or status in my life.

It was either me who started some nonsense drama just for the sake of fighting over something or their other person would start and I wouldn’t let it go after, it’s like I was feeding on drama, I didn’t know any other way of spending time with the so-called “ friends “, and this was only my friends and school-mates not even to mention the relationships I had in and after school.

I just happened to find myself in randomly toxic relationships and I didn’t know why I was in them or why is there so much drama at one point, one after another like a never-ending cycle of drama. Anyhow long story short I just wanted it to stop and be done with it, I had it up to my neck and I was mentally and psychologically tired of the fighting, useless arguing and pointless discussions. 

Something snapped in me and I just wanted to be over it, get it done.

So I’ve started to google it and look it up on all forums I could get my hands on, I started talking on forums and with different kind of people who experience the same thing as I did and got over it, after about over 200 responses I formulated the main points of diffusing drama and some comments are pure truth and I love them.

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So here we go:

 The 4 Crucial steps to end the drama in your life. 

1. Recognize and Admit when YOU are creating drama.

Sometimes you are the one starting it without any good reason and you need to be honest with yourself why, you attract what you give, so if you want the drama to stop following you, you have to stop creating it and the cycle will eventually stop. 

“You get what you put out. If you act in a way that is positive and minimal drama, you attract the same kind of positive situations and people.” ~April Myers – 

“I minimize drama within myself. When I’m focused and calm, so is the world around me.” ~Cynthia Ruprecht

“Drama usually comes from my reaction to other people’s actions. I stop to think: Does this really matter in the long run, or am I just trying to be right? “ – Anita Grimm”

2.  Don’t feed other’s people drama

 As I was one of those people not so long ago I know exactly who not to talk to or if he/she it’s worth my time.

This means that I’ve become awoken in some sense and I am running away from the “past-me”, it’s easy to look at dramatic people now and think that was me… and they’ve got a road ahead of them to change how they are and realize it’s not good for them, not good for the brain, for your time badly spend.

The short answer is you get what you give, if you are an overly-dramatic that’s what you get back from people, they respond on how they perceive you if you are calm and relaxed no matter what the other person in front of you does or acts, nothing can touch you, you are in control of the situation and you can decide if you want to take the drama road or the high road.

“I zoom out in my mind to a point far enough away and above so that I can see things in my life for what they are.

By doing this, I can see from a distance how small and unimportant the situation is in the big scope of the universe.” ~Larry Stilts –

“Be happy about little things, let the big stuff go because I can’t change any of it.” ~Grace Foo-

3.  Reconsider unhealthy relationships

I know it’s hard to break-up with someone even though you are not getting along very well but you do have to reconsider especially when you are just getting started (few months’ time) to get to know each other if things aren’t getting any better don’t find yourself stuck in a toxic relationship full of drama that you can’t get away from, drama is toxic and it is infecting everyone around it keeping your mind in a cage.

Minimize dramatic people in your life only with people that have good energy and don’t promote or create drama.

I would much rather prefer to spend time with myself rather than spending time with a person who has or creates drama, nothing wrong with a dull day, your mind is relaxed and rested.

4. Learn from Drama

I attempt to allow the inevitable episode, extract any potential meaning or lesson, and equally allow it to pass.

I try to see the learning experience in the drama. And I think of the sentence “Without rain you can’t enjoy the sunny days”, accept it, learn from it and go on with your life

As I have learned from all my life lessons, I am sure many before me has as-well and many after me will, with or without this article, I hope I have helped you and made you realize if you find yourself in a situation stated above, do not worry, we all find our self in different situations that seem hard to escape from but in fact, it’s just a fog over our eyes, until we get enough of it or until someone says something and it lifts it off a little bit, maybe even reading this article helps lifting the fog off of your eyes, reflect on your life and think about it as I have, and it helps a lot just doing so.

Life will always involve mini fires that we feel desperate to put out. If we can learn not to fan them, they may actually be able to light our way.