The “1 Billion Dollar Habit” Can you guess it?4 min read


Imagine this. Imagine you have a thought experiment, where you did this every single day, at your willingness.

What if the only thing in your life tomorrow is the thing you would express gratitude for today?

What if the only things in your life you had, the people, the opportunities, the resources, the objects, all the things.

What if the only things you kept tomorrow are the things you expressed gratitude for today? Would you live differently?

I believe the answer is YES, we all would.

How does it feel to be grateful?

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It’s amazing, right? Because somebody can have everything, and not appreciate it, and it feels like they have nothing. 

But somebody could have very little resources but they feel so grateful and appreciative, they feel like they have everything.

And so what I want you to do, as part of your challenge today is to express your gratitude in one of two ways.

You could express it with people around you, and that’s wonderful, talk to your family, talk to your friends. Express gratitude for the person that lives, whoever that person it, wherever you are, express gratitude for everybody

Or express your gratitude in a journal, a lot of people, they like to express gratitude by writing things down. So verbally is great, but also writing things down kinesthetically, putting pen to paper, and to be able to see al those things. 

Some people, what they’ll do is they write down on a notecard one thing they are grateful for that day and they’ll put it in a fishbowl and then, at the end of the year ( 365 days ) after writing it, they just go and read all those things, I just get goosebumps thinking about that!.

So my challenge for you, today, is you deserve to feel like you have more than you think you have, if you want to feel truly wealthy, count all of the things you have in your life that money can not buy.

Count and just write down in your gratitude journal all of the things you have in your life that you wouldn’t give away for any amount of money, and then you’ll be able to feel what it really feels like to feel truly wealthy because we have more than we think we have.

Even though the challenges I’ve learned through my challenges of learning that sometimes there’s a gift in it. And if you start to train yourself to look forward to what we look for, we find. 

For example, if you see a yellow car, you start seeing yellow cars everywhere because it becomes important to you. What if you start asking yourself what do I feel most grateful for, and you start seeing that, and where your focus goes, your energy flows, and you start having more of that.

What if you start looking for opportunities more? A lot of people are really good at seeing the negative, do you know anyone like this? Maybe somebody too personally where they are really good at seeing what’s wrong?

You could also train yourself and rewire your brain through gratitude practices to see what’s right. And what you see, you start seeing more of.

So ask yourself the question: 

What am I grateful for right now?

And if you say nothing, what could I be grateful for right now?

So here’s your Kwik brain challenge: is to write 3 things down, that you’re grateful for today! 

Either take a picture of your journal or take a picture of something you are grateful for, post it online and say “ This is what I’m grateful for today” and ask your friends what are they grateful for?

Because that’s a great question that you could give them.

Okay, you don’t have to go online and post it if you don’t want to, making it public is not for everybody but the challenge still stands either if you want it online or offline. 

It’s going to be fun, write down some of the things you’re grateful for right at the moment, doesn’t have to be the biggest things in the world, because what you appreciate, appreciates!

And you are going to find that you have more and more to be grateful for, because little by little, by little…. becomes a lot.