Mystical Experience and 6 Characteristics of it4 min read

Mystical experience is something we all experience differently and at different intensity’s

It’s something most people can no describe in words the beauty of it, but it’s the moment when you make a connection with the universe and feel that life is full of beauty and sacredness.

In ancient time this mystical experience has been described as a “religious” or spiritual experience where people who experienced this back then described it as an “undifferentiated sense of joyful unity with all of existence”

Mystical Experience can be described in a few Characteristics.


An immense sense of gratitude flows through your entire body as you’ve never felt in your life before. This huge Boost in chemical level to raise your Gratitude at those astonishing high levels is an overwhelming sense of AWE at your insignificance ins comparison to the vastness of existence.

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Only Gratitude alone raised at astonishing levels can change your whole perspective of how we look at life through our little foggy lenses.

Life is seen as Sacred

You could say you become aware, conscious of the sacristy of life, of the minimal chances there are to be born and experience this magical, beautiful and rare opportunity of experience.

Your Gratitude level is so high that you feel almost undeserving of having the opportunity to experience life and its miracles that you’ve seen your whole life’s mistakes and changed your whole perspective over it.

You will after this mystical experience is more loving, grateful and generous overall, you will be at peace with yourself.

There is No Time and Space

Your sense of identity is gone, you no longer see time and space as finite, your ability to separate your surrounding into individual elements disappear.

You perceive time as non-existent; time is only a line that we as humans created to cope and have a sense of awareness of “when” in our language.

But time itself does not exist, you feel a sense of connection and that time is the past, present, and the future all happening at the same time.

Conscious Unity

Everything you’ve thought so far and perceived your individual consciousness vanishes. 

This is called “Ego Death”, you become Egoless because you realize that Ego is something holding us back, you realize we are more connected with everything and ego has no purpose in life.

You are left with a boundless infinite union with everything surrounding you.

The Experience is Indescribable

Such an experience could never be described by words, the magnitude of emotions and the level of understanding you embody at the moment makes it feel limited to describe it by words or language.

The experience needs to felt by everyone to truly completely understand it. It is insulting to think it could be fully explained by words and even more insulting someone claiming to “get it” without ever experiencing it.

The Experience is Forever Life-Changing.

After such an intense experience and realizations, the state you’ve been as never before is life-changing. 

Suddenly your egoless and even death doesn’t scare you anymore as you’ve been “One Whole” with everything.

All your beliefs once held lose their meaning to you, you’ve now been connected and have a deep sense of understanding.

 I would compare it to 2 people talking “1 of them read 5.000 books on 1 subject and the other read 0 books” That’s the level of understanding you have.

The Mystical experience will get you a thirst to try and bring as much of it again into your regular day-to-day lives as possible

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