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This is part of my life story; I will go into as many details as possible but most importantly I want to talk about more of my own realization of consciousness and what I actually think and relate to.

What you are about to read next is part of me, a part of how I think and what made me think like this. We are the person of our past experiences, if I wouldn’t have had my past, I wouldn’t be here writing this and for sure wouldn’t think like this.

Maybe in another article we will explore other roads I could’ve taken in my past, I often think and fantasize about how my life would have been if I took a different path, but everything I think of it it’s not a better one.

I always wanted to visit China when I was little, and in 2004 I had to opportunity to do so, but while I was in china I got very sick because of that place, I think the air pollution or whatever there was in the air got me a very bad asthma situation.

Even though I will never go back to China, I just want to say that I love the people and their culture. I also love what I’ve seen and I don’t have a problem with the country itself, only with its air.

That said I also want to mention that my illness was very serious and that doctors told me numerous times that I wasn’t going it make it. They told me that I probably won’t live very much longer.

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And those words the doctor said, gave me plenty of time to think and reflect and read others’ thoughts on the nature of reality.

What I’ve started to concentrate more and more on that time is about human consciousness itself.

So this article is going to be my explanation after reading several very interesting and compelling authors on the subject but also just my time to spend reflecting and considering my own life and the meaning of MY consciousness.

I think it’s very clear that this reality that we all inhabit consists of physical reality that being (energy, matter, the laws of physics and space itself) but more importantly, Consciousness.

I think it’s clear that there’s a link between the two (reality and consciousness), by simply at our own will we can move our hand, scratch our back or even take a glass and move it elsewhere.

That means we can interact and change our reality around us, if play a sport if you make a trap, you are using your consciousness to manipulate physical reality.

It’s also clear to me that physical reality can affect consciousness, if your body is for example hurt or injured, you are consciously experiencing pain, if you put your hand in the fire you are experiencing heat and burn if you don’t wear gloves on a mountain trip your hands can get very cold.

This suggests to me that one is subjective to the other and therefore its existence arises from the other.

How consciousness arises from a 3kg massive jelly that you can hold in your hand is one of the scientist’s deepest enigmas.

The mainstream contemporary science would have you and everybody else believe that consciousness arises from physical reality, however, there is 0 evidence to back that up, all that they know is that there’s a link between the brain and the human consciousness.

 That only proves that there’s a link with no indications as of which arises from which. For example, if we turn on the radio and we hear music coming from it there is a link between the two and we know this.

 But does that mean the radio creates the music you’re hearing in the moment? It doesn’t, but we understand the link between the radio and what emanates from it.

    With Consciousness, we have no such definitive answers.

Now the closest thing that we have to a physical explanation for consciousness is that of neurons. However neurons control our entire central nervous system, not our brain, and they are still there working non-stop when we are not even conscious, while we are sleeping for example.

Our brains make our body’s breed even when we don’t think about it and while we sleep.

Neurons are the basis of body’s central nervous system but not of consciousness, the only evidence that the brain or neurons are responsible for consciousness is that there is a link between the two, but it must be but it is very important to understand that that link is not a physical explanation for consciousness.

But here is where I think things get interesting because there doesn’t need to be a physical explanation for consciousness if consciousness is not subjective to physical reality.

  •  Let’s pause for a second and check if we are all on the same page. Let’s see what is the exact definition of consciousness. I hope we all agree on this one.

“CONSCIOUSNESS: Sentience or awareness of internal or external existence”

“This has been talked about for as long as humans have existed and despite centuries of analysis, definitions, debates, and explanations by philosophers & scientists, consciousness remains a puzzled and controversial topic being one of the most familiar and mysterious aspects of our lives.” – Robert Van Gulik – 2004 book – Consciousness –

On the last note, I want to mention that there is no evidence philosophical or empirical that physical reality can create something as complex and perfect such as consciousness.

But we already know that consciousness CAN create anything it wants within its on the sphere of reference or its own thoughts.

This suggests that this physical reality that I and You that are reading this, that we all inhabit together its subjective to consciousness and is essentially a collective dream of all consciousness experiencing it.

So consider how absolutely perfect, how complex yet how simple consciousness is, if it were simple just neurons firing off around your brain that gave rise to consciousness, we wouldn’t be any different from A.I, we would just a be a computer, and we wouldn’t be conscious beings.

But consider how vast and beautiful reality really is from the vastness of the cosmos to a simple flower. This leads me to one simple conclusion:

Consciousness probably creates the physical reality, we do not exist within the universe, rather the universe exists within us.

And this realization that we do not exist within the universe but rather the universe exists with us, answers what to many people are the biggest and most important two questions that can be asked.

 What is the purpose of the universe?

And what is the purpose of my life?

The answer to this would be:

 “the universe is what consciousness creates for itself as an environment for experience.”

“ Life is what consciousness creates for itself as a means to that experience”

And this leads to the most answered question of all:

What happens when we die?

And this question will be the focus of Part 2 in our next article.

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