Your Soul Purpose2 min read

sould purpose

Occasionally I get asked questions like;

“What does Soul Purpose mean exactly” and “Does it actually have any correlation to our Life   Purpose”?

Indeed it does.

Your Life Purpose is a reflection of how you are expressing, experiencing and creating your life based on your Inner Self.

Your Soul Purpose is subjective to who you are at Soul-level. My Soul Purpose will not be the same as your Soul Purpose because we are made up as unique expressions of the Divine.

To put in simple terms, your Soul Purpose is to be who you are wholeheartedly. Easier said than done, right? Exactly! It is our unique individual purpose to become who we’ve always been. This requires a lot of self-knowledge, courage and learning from the past. It requires you to be vulnerable and open.

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It is our challenge in life to undo the learnt behaviour that keeps us from experiencing our Inner Self. We have to learn how to release those masks and fears that we have created in order to keep ourselves safe.

We are never the victims we sometimes feel we are. We are never NOT in charge of our lives. We have to remember and reconnect back to our natural state, our original essence, because when you realise you are a powerful beautiful being you will automatically connect to the infinite potential that lies within each and every one of us.

You also do not ‘do’ your Soul Purpose, you just be YOU! Thats it. If you feel there is something missing from your life then you are correct. You are missing you.

When you are connected with your Inner Self you are home. That is where your fulfilment resides. When you help others in your own way, you will feel you. When you feel love from another or you feel love for another, again, you will feel you. The way in which you experience the world around you is through… YOU!

Making the commitment to give back to yourself is probably the most important choice you can make for yourself and also for the benefit of others. You have to be the change you wish to see, right? When you make this choice you will be guided almost magically to those things you wish to reconnect to.

Trust in the process. Don’t hold yourself back from the life you really do want and make a commitment to you right now. All you have is this moment.

Divine Blessings,


Credit:  Inner Self Healing