Signs Your Consciousness Awakens4 min read

1. You are mindfully aware that something far more significant than you is guiding you.  

Things are the way they are because something having the intelligence of sheer genius put everything in its place.  

Whether you call on spirit guides, ancestors or angels, you know you’ve gone more than one guide helping you through this lifetime.  

Many people call it “The universe” or “the energy,” something or someone put everything in place, and the things we cannot control are destined to happen.  

Things you have no control over were destined to teach us a lesson, to learn from it, and grow our soul and consciousness.  

2. Your sole aim in life becomes a focus on living a life of love and joy.  

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You look at the world as if you are seeing everything for the first time, from a fresh perspective, like you’ve been reborn in a way because you understand things differently.  

You have the wisdom of the universe within you but view the world as magical, and through the innocent eyes of a child.  

You have given up on most mundane things and realized they aren’t making you happy, but instead shifted your focus on your inner peace, well-being and closed people that genuinely love you.  

3. You have shed the old emotional baggage.  

Once you free yourself from all the emotional negativity, the world becomes a brighter place.  

What you see is more vivid and colorful; you draw people to you on the same path of consciousness awakening.  

You have let go and stopped holding a grudge for anyone who did you wrong in the past and embraced a feeling of love and peace inside of you.  

4. You begin to recognize that time is a flawed convenience.  

Time is not linear, but illusory. You understand that even in death, the spirit lives.  

The acknowledgment that you are an eternal being, a form of energy that transforms, allows you to put down the worry of your life, concluding when death occurs.  

You have realized that your consciousness, or soul will move on, your energy trapped in your vessel will continue to live and move on, you’re life experiences gathered into energy that is being released after the vessel dies.  

5. You understand synchronicity as the universe’s guidance.  

Coincidence is not a word in your vocabulary. Everything has significance and multi-levels of meaning.  

The synchronistic events you go through are the universe communicating with you.  

You are exactly where you must be now, doing what you must do.   

If someone out of your control happens, and you are in the perfect spot at the perfect time, you understand the bigger picture, the higher plan; you see destiny right in your face.  

6. You recognize the ability to manifest and your role as a co-creator of reality.  

You know you are responsible for the reality you manifest. Through thoughts, intent, and aligned actions, you create your world.  

You do not close your mind to the possibility of levitation, bi-location, astral travel, and other wonderous acts.  

Your mind is open and shapeless; you can adapt and understand the higher picture and purpose of life and the universe itself.  

There is nothing to fear as your consciousness awakens. The only thing that disappears for good is outmoded means of thinking and theoretical ideas.  

Through conscious awakening, you grow, evolve, and become the brilliant human being the universe intends for you.  

As you understand the deeper levels of consciousness your soul becomes wiser, you gather and grow an enormous amount of understanding and experiences. 


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I am 32, passionate about spirituality, metaphysics, science and psychology. Life coach, speaker and Law Of Attraction certified practitioner. Lead writer for Quantum World: Awaken Your Mind, I like to travel the world and I am an activist.
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