What is a Free Spirit?4 min read


Everyone has its definition or experience of being a free spirit, and that is perfectly fine, but for me, being a free spirit is about waking up every morning, with a hunger for life, being curious about life in general.  

Everything there is to know about life, all your experiences, everything you get to learn, and truly absorb the information.  

Being a free spirit is to be connected with your intuition and following your heart and its many desires.  

At the time, it may be scary, but you still have and feel this inner pull and drive to experience things in a way that’s most authentic and natural to you.  

It is not following any social norms or customs, just because everyone else does it or is expected to do it or be a certain way.  

It’s about being yourself and being you who are, without the fear of judgment, beyond all the demands and expectations that others may put on you.  

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 Is Constantly ask yourself, how do you feel? What do you like? What do you think is right? Who are You in the world? Who are you Today?  

It’s not allowing others to put labels or restrictions on you, and it’s altogether rejecting any forms of judgment or others telling us who we are, and who we aren’t.  

As a free spirit, we are different than most people, and naturally cause them to question, wonder, and try to decipher our code.  

They usually will have a hard time trying to crack the code and trying to figure out it’s pretty much a lost cause because as they try to label and put us in a box, they will find themselves running in circles trying to put us in a specific category.  

As a free spirit, I live by a high moral code and ultimately work towards freeing ourselves and others by leading by example.  

We do not fringe on the beliefs of others or allow others to force their opinion onto us. I wouldn’t force my belief onto anyone nor let other people do the same to me, but I respect everyone’s points of view and belief.  

We all have our own beliefs, and they should be respected; we are free, unchained, unbound, and natural in our connection to spirituality.   

We have strong values and opinions about life, and we stick to them because that is who we naturally are, we know what we stand for, and no one can tell us any differently.   

If other people try to impose their point of view, belief, or any other social norm onto me, I distance myself from those people, as I like to call them “Bad energy’s, repulsive vibes.”  

I have distanced myself from a lot of people throughout my life, even my father, as I have noticed, he uses people, lies, and manipulates. That lousy energy’s that you are receiving from different people affects you in your everyday life.  

As going through life, we discover new favourite habits we love at the moment; we also love movement and travel, dancing, and meditation.  

We are discovering new things in life, new people, new culture, fresh foods, new people. But we will never be bound to any of those things as we are continuously adding things and moving on to the next experience.  

This is one of the things that make us the unique people that we are; we are evolving our consciousness through all the new experiences we are adding to our life every day.  

There is nothing wrong with being a free spirit, even though there are times when we feel lonely or feel that others don’t understand us, I know there are more people just like me out there, and I wouldn’t trade being a free spirit for anything else in the world.  

Doing what you want to do, marching to the beat of your drum, not allowing others what you should do, how to do it, and what to believe in. We are all about freedom.  

Freedom to explore, to explore, to experience, to learn, freedom to teach, and be who we are naturally a free spirit.