Do Healing Crystals Really Work?4 min read


This is what Crystal Healing looks like.  

Today’s idea of self-care is Instagram able, aesthetically pleasing, and often involves placing crystals all-over your body.  

Some people say that these crystals are aligning your chakras and balancing your energy.  

For people all across social media, and the world, crystal healing is a way of life; for others, they are simply a sparkly décor, crystal healing trend has become huge.  

Videos about crystals make millions of views, captivating both crypto lovers and sceptics, so we decided to cover this topic.  

A few years ago, a friend of mine bought a crystal neckless, and she started to notice a lot of changes taking place in her life, which led her to believe that the crystal had something to do with it.  

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But Why? And how can she be sure it wasn’t just a coincidence?  

Crystals are a huge part of social media self-care culture, but do healing crystals work?  

Crystal healing is based on the idea that energetic vibrations from crystals can balance the natural vibrations in our bodies to make us feel specific ways.  

Rose Quartz Crystal – is said to open our hearts to love, and crystal healers claim that the Amethyst crystal brings calming sensations.  

Healing Crystals and Gemstones can be traced back to ancient civilizations, the Ancient Egyptians bury their dead with Quartz, and use crystals to make healing elixirs.  

In Rome crystals replaced amulets to provide excellent health.   

In China, Jader reversed crystal has spiritual significance . 

What does it mean that crystals vibrate energy?  

Dr. Rob Levinsky, a leading expert, and collector of crystals and minerals said this:  

“When you talk to me about feeling the power in the crystal, what I think you feel is your own body’s electric field, what some people call “The Aura,” perhaps going into the crystal and coming back out and some biofeedback loop or some reflection of your energy through the crystal, in a way that I cannot explain scientifically as someone who doesn’t feel that and I can’t say I believe in crystal healing itself.   

I am not against the fact that crystals conduct, resonate, refract, and circuit energy back to you that you may feel. Perhaps people are more sensitive than I am.”    

Crystal healing is about getting in touch with what makes us feel alive, whether or not crystals work, they do make a lot of people feel better, even if it’s just a placebo, they do balance people and make them better.  

Getting a crystal neckless or a bracelet, that alone gives you an excellent intention to start your day, to go on in life with great intentions.  

A lot of crystal healing work is about intention; in taking care of a crystal, you have to give them a reason to be in your life, to believe, and provide them with a purpose.  

So, even if you are the one that makes all the changes in your life, perhaps a crystal helps you to start your day with good intentions, and therefore good things will happen to you, and you will attract positive energy in your life.  

Regardless if we believe or not in crystal healing, we believe that they do have the power to change your intuition if you think so, and therefore you can say they do work for what they are intended to work.  

Let us know what you think of Crystals and Crystal Healing. What is your story?