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We have not had the pleasant experience of Spirit Communication, but we’ve always found it fascinating. Many people from different countries and times have reported these Happenings of Spirit Communication.  

In doing our research on the matter, we have found a few exciting signs of spirit communication. Here are a few of them:  

 1. Problems with Household Appliances and Electronics.  

Yes, just like in the movies, Spirits require energy to act on the physical plane. 

 Theories put forth suggest they drain electricity, batteries, and sometimes use water as a conduit so they can make manifest in the physical world.  

2. Movements in Your Peripheral Vision.  

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You have probably experienced it too, I know I have experienced this phenomenon on myself many times. You turn your head to look, and it’s nothing there.  

At least not a physical presence. You might experience a sense of Eeriness when this happens. This might be an attempt of the spirit to get someone’s attention or attract interest.  

3. The Air Changes, Hot / Cold Spots.  

Different temperatures in the same room is a big give-away of a spirit presence in that particular parameter.   

You might also feel a slight breeze. The understanding is that the spirits draw on the energies around them so they can act or manifest.  

4. You Experience the “Calling Ghost Phenomena”  

You might be alone or even in a house full of people when you hear your name called. It may even sound like someone in the house, you know.  

When you ask why the person is calling you, the response is that they didn’t call your name for the first time.  

This is called “The calling ghost phenomena,” and it is believed to be a spirit trying to get your attention.  

5. You Dream About Deceased People.  

As our subconscious mind emerges to the forefront of our awareness and controls what we are seeing, we become more open to the communication of spirits.  

It is common for people to dream of the deceased. It might be for a final goodbye or for the spirit to offer some valuable information to the dreamer.  

6. Small Objects Around the House are Moved.  

If you notice things aren’t quite right around the house, be more aware of the small items you are placing around the house, and keep in mind where you’ve set them, be sure of it, even write it down if you have to.  

The most common change people report is dimes or other changes appearing in unexpected places.  

7. You Experience a Calefactory Experience  

The sense of smell is the closest in relation to memory. If you are in a location and you suddenly smell a familiar perfume, cigar smoke, or something that triggers the memory of a deceased.  

You may be experiencing a spirit visitation. The scent you smell triggers your thoughts about the person’s spirit.  

8. You Have Sightings or Visions of the Spirit.  

You might see a spirit, and if you do, you are one of the lucky few, count yourself as one of the lucky ones. Spirit visions and sighting are not as common as the other hints or signs that appear.  

Still, some people report seeing someone who has passed away, they are partially transparent, and the sighting doesn’t always last long.  

 We do understand that some people lie for attention, and some want to be famous, but we can’t put everyone in the same bucket, we do believe in honest and truthful people.  

9. You Can Sense a Presence Around You  

You feel you are not alone; you sense it. You feel like someone is with you or looking at you / watching over you.   

You feel the presence around you. You might have a natural extrasensory ability allowing you to notice the spirit’s appearance. 


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