5 Things to do at Night for a better Morning4 min read


Everything we are going to discuss in this article will mainly revolve around the concept of “Decision Fatigue” Roy F. Baumeister gave this term. 

He says that “Decision Fatigue is the decline in the quality of decisions that are made by a person after many decisions have been made in a row.” 

If you have to make too many decisions in the morning before you even had your coffee, your quality in the decision will be lower, and therefore you will make a less right decision.

You can split some of them before you go to sleep, so you will make fewer decisions in a short period that gives you the quality you need. 

1. Clean up for 15 minutes at night. 

Try to make it a daily habit, after everything is done and you’re all set-up with nothing else to do, try to clean up your house for 10-15 minutes. 

Put the things back where they belong, clean the surfaces you mostly use, and you will wake up more motivated in a tiny house, where everything is where it should be, and you’re ready to start your day. 

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2. Set goals and plan for the next day. 

Some are morning planners, and some people are night planners, but if you are a too busy morning planner, you should become a night one. Set your goals and plans for the next day. 

Not only you wake up in a tiny house, but you also have your plan for the day. It also gives you a boost of motivation when you wake up. You know what you have to do even before you fell asleep. 

You wake up with an already set mind-set for the day, and you are left with precious time to focus on other decisions that need taking that morning, everything else is already done. 

3. Prepare your breakfast the night before. 

This doesn’t mean you have to cook at night but know what you’re going to eat in the morning and have it set-up in the fridge, which gives you a level of comfort and ease on the mind. 

For example, if you’re used to drinking a smoothie in the morning, you might want to cut your veggies or fruits the night before, wrap them good and put them in the fridge. 

You will feel like you have so much extra time in the morning, and without having to take all these small decisions, your brain will be left with more power and more decision making for the vital tasks you have to make. 

4. Do one small task 

At night I believe you could do one small task that you could do the following day if you can do it at night. This is more like a phycological trigger to program yourself for success. 

For example, if you’re going to film in the morning for a video, set up your camera the night before and have it ready and waiting for you.  

It’s like waking up to an already set-up, and all you have to do is get started, this also changes your mood when you don’t feel like you have to do 20 different little small insignificant things, that’s why it’s essential to do them before you go to sleep. 

You can answer some emails or set up the table for breakfast, it’s 1 or 2 tasks you would like to do and make a habit out of it, so when you wake up, it’s like someone already did the “hard work in the morning.” 

5. Move 1 Habit into your Night Routine 

If you have a packed morning, you cannot stand to wake up to, after all the other things we’ve mentioned before, this is the last one. 

It also depends from person to person, but if your morning is still busy, it’s time to move one habit from the morning to the nightly routine. 

For example, if you have something important to read in the morning that takes up precious time, you could move it at night. 

Now you’re able to save yourself the time you need to make the significant decisions for your morning routine, even if you don’t have any choice to take in the morning, maybe you’re just not a morning person. 

All of the above will stimulate your morning, will give you the drive to wake up and start your day.

I no longer have problems getting out of my bed when I know I don’t have to do 50 little small things before I’m starting to do what I have to.