3 Ways to Chill Out! Simplify Life3 min read


Life itself has complicated enough already, nowadays we also have an abundance of everything, everyone is trying to sell us something and telling us how to live if we don’t meet certain standards we are not doing it right… right? 

I’m trying to make life easier using simple steps, often we don’t realize how simplicity is the key to actually achieving this, simplicity doesn’t necessarily translate that it’s an easy way out, but it’s a step to basics that we often forget exists.

How do we incorporate a more simplistic way of life?

1. Connect with Nature and Disconnect from Technology.

Connecting back with nature is a start to chill out, but you also need to focus on this, to get in touch with your basic sense and try to chill, sitting by the sea, listening to wave crashing, just being in the moment helps, a glimpse of sunshine, looking at an interesting tree that you find, watching animals play, all of these things calm your mind and body so you can chill.

We are too busy to do this in our everyday life, while we are connected to our smartphones, TV, watches, Google glasses, and so many other devices that distract our attention from something that can calm us and attracts our attention into the online (where anxiety comes from).

Read a physical book, it is more satisfying to read it physical and relaxing, also a more rewarding feeling comes to you back after you finish the book, you get to keep it in a shelf or give it to someone dear to you as a gift to read it too.

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Breathe and Stop Over-Thinking

Breathing is the epitome of simplicity, focus on your breathing to calm yourself down in a moment of stress, when you can’t fall asleep or just when you feel you are short on breath.

Focusing on the breath is used successfully in meditation, mindfulness, and yoga. There could be an app for breathing but where would the fun in that be? Make this practice yours and you will notice a slow down of your mind and de-stress.

Overthinking leads to anxiety and worry for things that haven’t happened yet, but you run them in your head over and over again, overthinking what could happen, most over-thinking is done negatively, just realize when you do it and tell yourself to stop.

You are the master of your own thoughts, take a deep breath, calm your breathing first and think about solutions to problems calmly.

Listen to Yourself

Listening to yourself is one of the basics and best things you can do, talk to yourself like you’re having a conversation, your mind can be 2 persons in one head, we all do it anyway, so why not listen and talk to our self.

Don’t go on google for something you can talk yourself into or looking for other’s ideas. Your ideas and opinions are all you need sometimes.

It’s easy to become reliant on external sources of information, but it’s simpler to listen to and trust your gut.

It can feel unnatural engaging in simplistic ways of life; sometimes there’s guilt attached because it feels like we should be doing more. But most of the time, we don’t really need all the overindulgence we fill our lives with.

De-cluttering your mind and life connects you to you: the person you can always rely on.