8 Reasons You Should Take Your Clothes Off NOW3 min read


Nudity is natural. We were born that way and as much as possible, we should roam that way. If you live in a northern climate you only get 3 months per year but if you are in the southern region of the United States, your naked time increases. Take advantage of it. Here are 10 reasons why you should go naked right now.

1) Naked people have more fun

Seriously, folks, can you really have a bad time when voluntarily nude? No. The more you are naked the more you will be comfortable with your own body. the more you will know your own body. The psychological benefits of living in the nude are enormous.

2) Clothes become more fun

This might sound backwards but by increasing skin time you increase the fun of clothes time. It won’t be about hiding bad feature on your body, rather, celebrating the features on your body. It’s not about fitting into the latest style, it’s about enhancing the style that is unique to you.

 3) It’s your natural state

Males worry about the size of their penises. If you think Aboriginal tribes men walk around worrying about the size of their penises, you are wrong. Women worry about the size of their milk sacs. If you think Aboriginal women walk around worrying about the size of their breasts, you are wrong. These mentalities are a cancer perpetuated by a marketing culture that profits from insecurities.

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4) You will be healthier

Mentally for sure you will be healthier. But the benefits of being physically aware of all aspects of your body should not be lost.  Because you will see your body in it’s natural state more often, it will inspire you to take care of it more.  Maybe if we walked around without clothes on, we would actually be motivated to be healthy.

5) Vitamin D

More than anything else humans are seriously lacking in the amount of Vitamin D our bodies need. We our outdoor creatures, yet spend most of it indoors. We are naturally unclothed beings, yet spend the little bit of outside time clothed. Take advantage of the sun and your skin and cut down on the vitamin D pills.

6) Barefoot

Living in Brazil, I know somebody who actually grew up in the Amazon Rain Forest. His land was taken over by business men of some type and he was displaced. I’ve never seen him wear shoes. I’ve seen him kick broken glass bottles out of his way on the street. His feet seem more flat and much tougher. This is how we should be and we would be healthier for it. Barefoot running helps to lower the risk of Alzheimer’s in adults. Barefoot walking or running helps in vital stimulation of our brain. The stimulation, which is created in the sole of the foot encourages our brain to boost more neuron connections. It also helps to increase brain flexibility.

7) Improve Fertility

Many men might be afraid of improved fertility but it is indicative of overall health. Wearing underwear and jeans can reduce sperm count and lead to other issues by killing nerve receptors.  And it doesn’t help that men like to carry cell phones in their pockets either.

8) It’s not perverted

Perversion happens as a result of wearing clothes. Because we don’t see the naked bodies of others, when we do it triggers our reproductive appetites. If nudity were more common it would be no big deal. Nudity is the opposite of perversion.  It’s our natural God-given state of living. It is only through a truly twisted society that the opposite it true.

Written by guest contributer Jesse Herman of Powerful Primates

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