7 Indications That the Law of Attraction Is Working In Your Favor!2 min read

Many people understand how the Law of Attraction works, but they are not patient enough to wait for their desires and dreams to come to life.

Opening your eyes a little bit more and trying to notice the signs that the universe is sending you is more crucial nowadays than it ever was before.

If your desires are close to coming true, you should try and optimistically watch for the hints from the Law of Attraction.

Today, we will cover the seven main hints that clearly show the universe has something more in store for you!

Chills and goosebumps

You have probably had that feeling that chilled your bones and inflicted goosebumps, regardless of the trigger.

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You have emotions that usually arise while observing something that truly connects with you and therefore, your skin and senses react. This encouragement will give you the right energy to finally exhibit your dreams.

Get easily through traffic without losing time for long lights

Another thing that should be considered as a sign from the universe. It means that you are going with the flow and that the universe is cooperating with you in return. Going fast through traffic lights or not being stuck behind a slow driver deserves all appreciation.

Noticing repeating number patterns in your everyday life

Another spiritual sign from the universe is a number pattern that you notice almost every day. No matter the numbers, you might notice the same numbers over and over again.

This is a sign of high spiritual energy. Try paying more attention to license plates, billboards or ads.

Songs that you like are played on TV or the radio

The universe is also sending you songs that reflect your mental and emotional state at a certain point.

Turn up the volume and try to enjoy the music every time you hear a song that makes your heart tingle with joy.

Noticing forms in the clouds

Try to look at the sky more often and notice various forms, details about people, their faces or different subjects. These are all signs that you are going hand in hand with the Law of Attraction.

There are symbols and signs in the sky, you just have to give it a try.

Heightened intuition

The universe can guide you through various situations by stimulating your intuition.

Sometimes, you just have to go with the flow and listen to what your gut has to say. Intuition is a gift and is often associated with a psychic power.

Be open to love

The more love and attention you receive, the better. This means that you should open up your heart to your loved ones and enjoy the simplicity of life.

Just appreciate what the universe gives you and accept the fact that you are getting closer to fulfilling your dreams.

The Law of Attraction will act as a magnetizer as soon as you start noticing the aforementioned indications.


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I am 32, passionate about spirituality, metaphysics, science and psychology. Life coach, speaker and Law Of Attraction certified practitioner. Lead writer for Quantum World: Awaken Your Mind, I like to travel the world and I am an activist.
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