Do Healing Crystals Really Work?

This is what Crystal Healing looks like.   Today’s idea of self-care is Instagram able, aesthetically pleasing, and often involves placing crystals all-over your body.   Some people say that these crystals are aligning your chakras and balancing your energy.   For people all across social media, and the world, crystal healing is… Continue reading

Zenarchism: Philosophy of Quantum Chaos

Five Parts: 1. Life. The Absurdity of Existence. 2. Negotiation. We Don’t Negotiate With Nihilism, We Reason With It. 3. Evidence for God. The Paradox that is Nihilism. 4. Knowledge. Consciousness is Nature’s Nightmare. 5. Ethics. Code of Ethics and Honor. Disclaimer: I am a proud know-nothing-at-all who would tell… Continue reading