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Whether you are aware of it or not, you have a spirit guide/gaurdian angel that is helping guide you through this life.  It may pull you into the direction of something that better serves you, or it may give you a strong feeling inside regarding an important life choice.  Sometimes, our “intuition” is really just our guides tell us what is best for us.

These guides can be contacted by you.  After all, they are your friends, and they have known you since before you were born into a physical body.  It’s important to realize that spirit guides aren’t some abstract entities that require hallucinogens to contact.  They are your team members for this life, and are happy to help you with whatever you may need.

Whichever way you choose to go about contacting them, it’s important that your intentions remain pure and that you are coming from a space of authenticity.  Here are 2 different methods of contacting your spirit guides:

Method 1 of 2: Understand the Basics

1) Go into a state of meditation

In your head, go to your “happy place.” This could be at the beach, in your bed, etc. Make sure that you’re focused on what you need to do. Don’t rush this; give yourself time and be patient. Breathe deeply and become calm.  Completely settle down your mind and go into your center.

2) Greet your angel 

Once you’ve gotten to a nice calm clear state, start to communicate with your guardian angel. Thank them for their guidance and be open to any inspiration they may have to give you. You may be surprised to realize that an image of your angel appears as well.

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3) Get to know your angel

 Talk to him/her and be friendly. Eventually you’ll discover who your guardian angel is. Your guardian angel may be a family member you have recently lost who is looking out for you.

4) Always remember to say goodbye

 When you feel like you’ve communicated enough with your guardian angel, tell them goodbye and that you’ll talk to them later. Now they’ll be waiting for the next time you want to contact them, but by your side at all times.

5) Practice

 Meditation is an art of itself and so is talking to your angel. You may find that at the beginning you’re not really feeling what you’re hoping to feel. Don’t worry; that will go away with time. You have so much assistance available to you from your guardian angels and other angelic beings. They will be happy to assist you, regardless of your plight and the time it takes to help. When it comes to meditation, they’ll help you learn how to ride this proverbial bike! Then you’ll never forget.

Method 2 of 2: Go Above and Beyond

1) Give your guardian angel a name

If you open your mind and listen to your guide, you may hear a name that speaks to you. If you don’t, fret not. Your spirit may prefer leaving the answer up to you. They will love any endearing name you give them.

Some believe that labels are not a part of the spirit realm. Therefore, your guardian angel’s name can be whatever you see fit. Some may prefer names like, “Harmony,” “Grace,” or “Faith,” while others prefer more common names, like “Theo,” “Leah,” or “Helen.”

2) Always be open and honest with your angel and tell it everything.

 Don’t be scared or shy to talk to your angel. Tell them everything you want to tell them. If you stay with them they will stay with you.

3) Keep a notebook

 When you meditate, you may find that your thoughts come and go without you realizing it, much like dreams. Keeping a notebook by you will help you record your thoughts before they escape you.  Also use it to write down questions for your guardian angel. Start out general — try to avoid personal questions that are ripe with bias. You may just get bogged down and find it hard to meditate.

4) Seek out positivity

 Being clouded with drama makes it hard to reach your spirit guides. Angels are attracted to clean, organized, positive atmospheres — provide that for your guardian.

Avoid surrounding yourself with negative people. You’ll find that they leech off your positivity and make it hard for you to relax, lessening your chances at successful meditation.

These steps may seem too easy to be true, but it’s not hard to get into contact with your angels and have a relationship with them.  You had a relationship with them prior to coming here, and you will continue to when you return home.

The key is to attempt to contact them from an honest space with pure intentions.  The ego may get a kick out of contacting them, but it’s important to be certain that you are doing it for the good of your soul.  That is why meditation is such a great route to take if you want to contact them.

Source: This article was originally seen on WikiHow

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