Fireflies1 min read

On the shore of the river in the darkest of nights, gazing at the yellow glow that outshines the moonlight, flickering above the stream of water by the bridge, I tell myself that this is the way to live, sitting and talking to a very dear friend, I feel my heart sink and it begins again, the feeling of wanting more out of life and love, I feel the yearning more than before, I try to set my feelings aside but my heart tells me, “not this time, no more.”

I am now gazing into an abyss that is my soul, the coldest void, a nightmare begins to unfold, I awaken to an embrace and a flicker of light, holding you in my arms let’s me know that I am alive.

The river comes to life, the glowing grows, they’re light illuminates the night, I feel as though I never had before, trusting someone for once, taking risks again in life,

I gaze into the reflection that is my self, I’m looking at someone who appears to now be someone else.

The faint glow of light engulfs the river, light surfacing above a torrent of darkness, I know that feelings are fleeting, that my thoughts are constructs of my mind, I hear the sweetest of deceivings as I begin to tell myself I’m dreaming, that this is not someone worth believing, I step outwards then back inside, I don’t know where the river is going, I don’t know where the current will take me, I don’t know what to do once I begin.

Fireflies die, darkness subsides, the sun will rise again.

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