The Life and Journey of Souls4 min read


Before we jump into some difficult concepts, we should first be on the same page and explain what we mean when we say “Souls.” 

For most of us, the Soul is our spirit, our true selves, our energy, and the part of us that goes on after death. 

But, the Soul may be bigger and more powerful than we all think. Each one of us has a soul that resides in the astral-world. 

That means even when we are living life here on earth, the majority of our Soul remains in the astral-world. From our first breath until the moment of death, we never lose our connection with it. 

And the quality of our consciousness is a direct reflection of that Soul. It may take some to wrap our heads around this, it does for most of us, but I hope we are on the same page here. 

This might explain why so many different religions believe in a high self or over Soul. This is because we, as personalities here on earth, are just a fragment of our Soul. 

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Each Soul is considered to be unique, and no two are ever the same when you believe that every Soul goes on to have a whole unique set of life experiences, as we live in different countries, different ages, different parents. 

According to some of Newton’s patients, newly minted Souls inhabit a particular place in the astral-world where they are nurtured for a time, just like newborns in our world. 

Once they reach a certain point, they are offered the chance to try an incarnation in a physical world like earth, for example. 

Wherever our consciousness finds itself, it considers that place to be the real physical world, whether it is a dream, a hallucination, earth, or even the astral world.  

This is just a theory, but during the first phases of a soul, most importantly is to get experience. So the Soul in the astral world breaks off a piece of himself, which is his quality and sends it to a place like earth. 

 That piece of the Soul will be into a body and live an entire incarnation in complete emersion. This means it completely forgets who it is and where it came from. 

Now that piece of the Soul identifies with the physical body and its circumstances. 

We believe that earth is a callous place to come to for experience, the souls that choose to incarnate do so because much can be learned quickly, and most learning is through pain and suffering, but also love and fluffiness. 

As humans we usually do the same mistakes over and over again, having completely forgotten our purpose and where we came from doesn’t help us to see the big picture, we have to find it our self, the Soul has to find it, you have to find it. 

In the astral world, we may have planned out this incarnation, and have goals to reach, but since we have no memory of that, and with everyone having free will on earth, even our best plans we’ve made can quickly fail. 

That is why our soul evolution can be slow and harrowing.  

Above all, our mission, and the mission of all souls is to grow up and evolve and achieve ever-higher levels. 

Tom Campbell likes to say, “We evolve by reducing our entropy.” 

Entropy is the measure of disorder in a system, so the less you have, the more evolved you are. 

Through the ages, many spiritual seekers have broken through the veil intended to create the illusion of separation for us; they have peaked behind it and discovered the true origins of our souls. 

It means that you are a mortal being and that your Soul lives on indecently, your physical body is just a temporary vehicle, the lessons you learn, or don’t, whether you evolve or devolve. 

Learning everything we can on this human experience it’s what is all about, try to learn, live your life in harmony, do not get caught in the system to run after ordinary useless things. Evolve yourself as a person, evolve your consciousness.