Harness the Creative Power of Lucid Dreaming3 min read


Difference between ordinary and lucid dreams

The term definition of lucid dreaming is to dream with awareness. As we know dreaming is a natural process or phenomenon that each one of us experience as human beings. Dreams can occur while you sleep at night or even sometimes during a quick knap.

But have you experienced a condition where you cannot recollect any memory from the dream you just experienced?

Everyone dreams during their sleep and only a few of them would be proficient as to remember some details of it. Other feels as if though they had a dreamless sleep.
Dreams of varying themes and ideas can occur to each one of us.

But usually they are connected with your daily lives and some things that you are putting a lot of thought into. A dream is just an illusion in our mind which surprisingly feels so real while experiencing it even when it is completely illogical when we think of it later.

There are also some people who believe that dreams are a way by which our brains display the thoughts held our subconscious mind.

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According to scientific studies, every one of us dream on a regular basis i.e. as long as you are a human being there is no single day that passes by in your life without dreaming. So why does some people have a better skill when it comes to remembering the things that happen in their dreams? Well, this is termed as lucid dreaming which is also the topic of this discussion.

What is lucid dreaming?

So the question remains, what exactly is a lucid dream? A lucid dream is simply a state or type of dream in which the dreamer has complete consciousness of the happening of the dream. This means he/she can control and can determine how the dream goes.

The two things that can be described as the basic characteristics of a lucid dream are:
The dreamer would be aware that he is inside a dream or the happenings are in fact just inside their head.
The dreamer would have some sort of control of his/her dream as long as it is lucid.

Benefits of lucid dreaming

According to scientific studies an average person spends at least 20 years of his lifetime sleeping. So by lucid dreaming at least a portion of this time can be put to good use.
The possibilities are endless for a lucid dreamer. Once you have control over your dreams you can literally do or is anything inside your dreams and can let your imagination take wings.

Wouldn’t it be fun to experience your dreams as you have them? By having consciousness in your dreams you are guaranteed an extraordinary experience which no modern technology would be able to provide.

Lucid dreaming as a way of shaping our reality

Believe it or not, lucid dreaming is something that can be practiced and moreover something that can be done by anyone. A lucid dreamer would have some control over their dreams and can shape it into the way he wants.

Although you may not be able to completely decide the occurring in your dream like in some fantasy movie, you can at least be conscious or aware during your dream which is quite an experience by itself.

As you dream about your daily life and the decisions that you take on the course of it, you can think of all the possibilities for each step or decision in your life. As the choice is completely yours with zero consequences, the possibilities are endless.