Higgs Boson- The God Particle3 min read

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boston particle


By Taylor Gonzalez


This is the biggest theory physicists have wondered about. They were constantly puzzled about how objects were solid. What was believed to happen after the big bang was all mass was moving so fast that it never was solid.

So if you take a look at gas the planets, that is essentially what was believed the universe was like. As the universe expanded and cooled, the boson particle revealed itself creating solid planets which we inhabit today. So in the subatomic world there are two particles of mass. The first is fermions which carry matter, the second is the boson, which are massless particles that carry force.

In theory the boson weighs about 100 times more than a proton. Trying to create this was what scientists did with particle accelerators. With the formula e=mc^2 the more energy you put in, the more mass you will get out.

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The boson has an energy field, which can be in many different states. The only way we can find this particle is to disturb its field, which is colliding protons together. What happens when we do this is particles leave behind what they are made up of; scientists then study the traces of what is left.

The only reason we can spot this boson particle doing this is because of its rate decay is so fast. So if we study the aftermath we can maybe get what the original state was like. In this theory, this boson particle gets it mass from the other subatomic particles, but when that happens the mass the boson would receive is a staggering number. This is where the next theory of super symmetry comes in.

If you look back at chemistry class with energy, every reaction must have an equal and opposite reaction. This is to keep balance, so the boson is not by itself, it must have some dark matter or opposite force to keep it natural.

So if this is actually true, we would need not 1 Higgs boson, but 2 or more. So this field that the boson creates, certain boson particles pass through, they slow down and gain mass. If they don’t gain mass they still pass through. Since they move at the speed of light we have what we think is solid mass. So as we know, we look at the patterns of how things are made up.

Scientists have discovered the Higgs boson is real, but think if you arrange it a different way, you get what they believe is the dark matter. But then again, more theories come out that the Higgs is not the god particle. Some people believe that some other particles make up this boson. We wont find out until we have the technology and energy to collide particles fast enough to find out. Trying to find out what makes mass solid, finding this invisible dark matter could possibly defy the laws of physics and maybe result in learning light speed and worm holes. Hopefully one day we will find out.