How to Win the Game of Life4 min read


The title could also be called “How to evolve the quality of your Consciousness,” but we decided to go with How to win the game of life, as we consider our life is a video-game in which we control our life, decisions, and many other aspects that we can.  

We like to think of our world as a training ground for us; our success in the game of life was dictated by our choices and how we choose to respond to our circumstances.  

If you make good choices, then good results usually follow. As in the case of bad decisions, if you’ve made poor ones, then unfortunate consequences follow.   

Just like Neo said in the matrix, “The problem is a choice.”  

We admit that some choices are tough, but that’s how this reality frameworks work. It has a rich tapestry of possibilities, and we don’t have enough information to know for sure how circumstances will turn out.  

So, we need to assume that we take the best decision possible for ourselves and hope for the best, deal with the results, and learn from them.  

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The choice is not the only criteria for how well we are playing the game of life. This game is also dictated by our outlook and how we respond to the challenges it gives us.  

By outlook, I mean how optimistic or pessimistic one’s thinking is in general.  

Optimistic people live longer, are healthier and happier than pessimistic people.  

Life doesn’t care who you are, where you’ve been born, or who your parents are. It applies to every race, culture, and gender.   

Optimistic people just do better in life; this is because when we visualize a positive outcome, what you are doing is increasing the probability it will occur.  

Everything is connected, and by thinking positive thoughts, you send out positive vibrations into the world and attract the same.  

When you think positive, you have a different attitude towards people; you are energetic, happy, positive. 

 People around perceive you differently and are more friendly with you and willing to help, as you are emitting radiant energy all around you.  

In this context, “The Secret” and the law of attraction got it mostly right. It is essential to know that just by using your intent positively, you increase the probability your desired outcome will happen.  

Now guess what? When the outcome is on the other side of the spectrum, Negative – you typically visualize failure, and you’re increasing the possibilities of that to happen, without even knowing.  

By using your intent this way, your whole vibe, vibration, and energy are changed around you; people see you frustrated, sad, depressed and are just getting a repulsion from you.  

For many people, this decently increases the chances of a negative outcome.  

So why would someone want even consciously of his decisions, choosing to think negative?  

The answer is complicated, but simplified is just because of “Fear and Ego” are the leading causes.  

Some people feel better when they fail, so they can have a reason to complain, ask for attention, and be into a victim mentality.  

You should not be afraid of failure; failure is inevitable for everyone, we all need to fail to learn from our mistakes and see where we went wrong, so we fix it and not repeat it in the future.  

But always have a positive outlook on your plans, your future projects, and your future dreams while not being afraid to fail.  

Fear is the leading cause to start thinking negative about everything in life, if you’re afraid you will fail, you begin to imagine how you’re going to fail and that sends you into a vicious circle you hardly will get out of.  

I hope everything is making sense to you; it is essential to think hopefully as much as you can. Even if you don’t achieve your outcome, you can at least narrow the odds as much as possible in your favour.