My Philosophy of Life2 min read


There is no law beyond do what thou will. Love is the law, love under will.

Moral Philosophy course at Brown by Jamie Dreier taught the first half of this rubric as the concluding philosophy. Everything else, all external guidelines are reduced into meaninglessness or converted upon analysis to predilections of the will. You can set an external guideline to follow but these ultimately are found out to be constructions of the independent being’s will. This is a good thing – the we are self worshipers and without this inherent tendency we would quickly die, life would not evolve and the universe would never grow and expand.

The second half of the rubric I’ve learned through life. What is love but unbounded unfettered compellingly sought after will? A weak will is weak love, an aberration of the growth principle of the universe.

What of altruism, what of sin, what of those who harm others in their pursuit of self? The Self is the all, is the universe, is God. And it expresses itself through all of us. To harm others is to harm the self. Those who harm others in pursuit of their small part of the Self are staining their psyche and eternal imprint with the marks of those harms.

This is where the philosophy of reincarnation and the reality of the permanence of the unconscious has its day. Those who elevate their small selves to the detriment of others and do not reap the external consequences of their actions in this lifetime are subjected to a future incarnation that is determined by the marks on their small part of their self. All beings must learn all the lessons of eternity, must learn that they are but a piece of the cosmic whole, that their piece represents and impacts the whole.

So live boldly in self interest. Live boldly to represent your small self to the greater Self. Live the truth that inspires you to greater love. If this means you follow a religious dogma or doctrine, do it with care that you do not harm others in spirit or in flesh. If this means that you are guided only by internal impulses, do it with care that you do not harm others in spirit or flesh. All of us will reap the results of a weak will. We will find that God wants only strength. That the Self wants only beauty and pleasure.

That all of life wants to grow into boundless free, energetic states. The universe is a system of growth and flowering life. God wants only to be God, self wants only to be true to itself, so be true to your self, to the Self, to other selves and love yourself and the Self unendingly with great vigor.