Is Your Future Already Destined?4 min read

What role does destiny play in your success?

Is it all random? Is it all hard work? What is it?

What is destiny exactly? More importantly, Your Destiny.

Destiny is something we do not have control over, it’s something we were meant to do or at least an opportunity to do it apereas.

Destiny is the situation that comes to you which is beyond your own control.

Your destiny is the place where you’ve been bored, your parents and relative, as you cannot have control over those here is where destiny comes in.

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If you were born in a wealthy and well-educated family or whether you were born in a 3rd world country with a poor and uneducated family, that was and is your destiny to live your life there, or at least your youth until you grow up to make your own choices.

As we didn’t choose where to get born and what our parents do for a living or how educated they are, the way you look is also your destiny as you cannot have control over how your face looks or control of any disabilities you might have.

You were destined to be born like how you were and live your life experience the way you are. You can shape your body in the gym latter and get plastic surgery later in life, but until then you were destined to live like that.

Now that was your destiny at a young age, once we grow older and we can choose what to do when to do with our life, it’s getting a little more complicated.

Destiny is the thing we do not have control over, the situations that appear in our life without us doing anything about it. That is destiny.

Could be a person, or a job offer that you never thought you’d get or do.

If someone comes and insults you without any reason, you didn’t choose that, think of it as destiny and see where it leads you.

The response to those situations, it’s your choice. Destiny comes in our life’s often, it shows us what it can do to us, but our response to it becomes a choice, destiny is no longer powerful.

After our choice we start to create our own destiny, we choose what path to take, we choose what road we go on.

Embrace destiny when it comes, choose wisely because you will be the one who lives with the consequences of those choices.

After you’ve made your choice, that will be the choice that decides your future destiny. Therefore, the saying “Man is the maker of his destiny”.

If you perhaps haven’t gotten into the college you wanted, or haven’t gotten the job you want, I wouldn’t stress it so much. There is still plenty of time to see what’s in store for you.

You haven’t gotten there for a reason, and when I say that it’s for a very good reason. 

Let’s say you fight destiny because you think you’re smarter than him, and you pull some strings and get into that exact college you ever wanted. 

But after a few months of study’s you’ve just forcibly changed your whole path in life destiny had in store for you.

And one day you go get ready for college, you don’t pay any attention and you get into an accident that you might not recover from.

That is the sum of your choices, you’ve taken a path that wasn’t for you, and even if there wasn’t an accident, let’s say it won’t happen, your life will be off course.

If you follow your destiny, it doesn’t mean you don’t need to work hard, working hard is a choice we make every day, but destiny helps us. Working hard is just like planting seeds for your future, every day you can sow a seed, make a choice to work for your future.

If you do decide to follow your destiny and get into an accident you couldn’t have any control over, then that was destined to happen, and it’s the natural way of things, but to force change your destiny is never a good idea.

Perhaps I haven’t used to the best example in the book, but all I wanted to do is to point it out, that’s all.


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