Near-Death Experiences and What People said After Coming back to Life Again.

Personally, I haven’t experienced a near-death experience but the people who have and their testimonials after the experience is just mind-bugling There have been efforts from the scientific community to study near-death experiences and to determine what exactly might be going on during them. There has even been a scale… Continue reading

How to See Somebody’s Aura?

It is a very cool thing to see someone’s Aura, it is a pleasant experience to see something that most people think is nonexistent or invisible.   Science has proven that subtle energies affect us whether we want to believe it or not.   Energy is everywhere, good energy – bad energy,… Continue reading

Gregg Braden : The Feeling is the Prayer

  In order for the prayer to work, we first must feel as our prayer already answered and feel graditude in our hearts for it. Gregg Braden says, one must become the change one wants to see in the world. We must become the very things that we choose to… Continue reading