The Importance of Saying “Sorry”3 min read


The three-letter poisonous word which becomes such a challenge to cooperation in any relationship is the big “EGO,” and what a colossal Ego we have. 

All relationships have problems, all friendships are not perfect, and most of the fights are because of our Ego. 

With spouses, with friends, with parents, with collogues. This three-letter word, called EGO, threatens all relationship issues. 

Even religious people aren’t free from Ego; Ego is in our human nature, we develop it over time and might not even realize we have it. 

One religious man is thinking, “i am better than you,” the other holy man feels the same as the first, “I am better than you.” 

People are not yet purified; they have not learned all these higher things about life again. Even in the field of religion, people become a victim of Ego, and have communal conflicts. 

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We get blown up in our practice, and because we practice it, we start thinking we are the best, that is Ego working inside of you. 

The world has witnessed so many conflicts because of people’s Ego. 

Relationships fall apart, only because of this. We cannot say sorry and admit if we did wrong, why is it so hard to say sorry? Sorry is a magical word when genuinely spoken from the heart. 

When you say “Sorry” to someone, it doesn’t always mean you are wrong. It means you value the person in front of you more than being right. 

You prefer to save the person, rather than being right. You prefer the relationship more than being right. You’re willing to keep the EGO aside and transform that Ego into humility. 

As the saying goes “A man who says sorry when he is wrong – it’s called honest. A man who says sorry and he is not sure – it’s called wise. And a man who says sorry even when he is right – it’s called Husband.”  

When we learn to give up our Ego, and be a servant in our attitude, and serve others, the persons you love and keep close, transform your Ego into humility, and a lot of relationships will be saved. 

This doesn’t mean to let others treat you wrongly, badly or unappreciative, it only intends to let go of your Ego of being right all the time.

To let go of your Ego saying “I Told you so,” and everything that you feel is bad in your relationship with your partner or friend. 

The world’s problems, our issues in our lives, they come mostly because of our Ego, that is why it is imperative we learn to let go of it and learn how to say “Sorry.” 

The most poisonous three-letter word in this world is “EGO.” Transform it.