5 Mistakes You Do on Your First Date4 min read


We all do mistakes, all the time, this is how life works in the end, you only learn from your mistakes and your own doings. 

     We know that going out in real life it’s not like texting or talking on social media, the person in front of you can see how you act and react to certain things, they can also tell if you are being fake or disliking something but pretending everything is okay. You should be you, but be you in a polite way as it’s your first date. 

           There are no guidelines or apps to tell you exactly what to do and not to in order for you to get laid or even making something serious out of this date, you never know where it could lead. 

       But here are 5 mistakes you can avoid by reading this article and you might think twice before you do any of them on your next first date with the girl you just matched on tinder or any other dating app. 

1. Talking While Eating 

You are at your date getting to know each other, everything goes well so and perfect as you only got something to drink, but most time you also get something to eat so the date can last longer. 

          Do Not Talk With Your Mouth Full Of FOOD.  

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       This is a mistake many people do, without even knowing they do it. The best thing is to enjoy your food and talk after, even if you need to talk or answer a question, there is no rush, you are on a date and you have plenty of time to talk and listen. 

2. Pretending You Like the Food 

In case your partner has chosen for you an item from the menu to eat or try, don’t be the person who pretends to like it just for the sake of it. 

   Everyone can see thru those little lies and all you   

  Do is creating awkward moments that should not be   there in the first place. 

  Just be honest about everything, be yourself without being rude about it and everything will be fine. 

3. Too Many Compliments 

Yes we like compliments that goes without saying and any doubts, complimenting a person it’s one of the nicest things you can do on a first date or any other date. 

But here’s the tricky part, your partner can tell if you are being genuine or not. Giving to many compliments could lead to some questions and it’s also a turn off more than a turn on. 

4.  Asking Too Many Questions

On the first date you get to know each other better and that means talking about almost anything and everything, your past, your hobbies, your secrets maybe. After all you can tell a stranger your secrets. 

But avoid over-questioning your partner, that’s a no-go zone on your first date, don’t put too much pressure on your dating partner or it might get really weird really fast and that’s something you don’t want to happen. 

5. Always Checking Your Phone 

The final thing on the list Of Course are the smart-phones we always use and check even without realizing what we’re doing.  

  If for a moment there’s awkward silence or running into dead walls you instantly check your phone to get out of the uncomfortable position, that may lead to continuously doing so the entire date. 

Try to avoid using your phone as much as possible during the date, try to be in the moment and enjoy it like it’s your last, that will make it very special and the person next to you will feel it. 

Don’t forget to be yourself 

Be confident  

Have a sense of humor 

Live in the moment 

Enjoy yourself and your company