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Are you with your soul mate? Whether you’ve found your soul mate or not, please realize that every person you interact with here on Earth is here to teach you something.  So no matter whom you’re with, trust that they are exactly who you need at this precise moment in time.

That being said, some of us have chosen to experience this lifetime with what many call a soul mate, or a twin flame.  A soul mate is a partner who connects with you on a deep, eternal level.  The soul mate connection is so profound because typically this is a soul that you have already spent many lifetimes with.  You came into this lifetime choosing to journey through it together.

Chances are, you’ve at least seen examples of couples with a soul mate connection, but if you want to know if you’ve found your soul mate in this lifetime, here are five key characteristics to look for in your relationship:

1) Instant Chemistry

You may have had just laid eyes on your soul mate, but you feel that you completely understand them and they understand you. Conversation with a soul mate is immediately effortless.  Again, you have probably known your soul mate for many lifetimes, so even if you’ve met later in life your souls instantly recognize and understand each another.

2) You are able to be your genuine self

With a soul mate, you know that you are respected and appreciated for precisely who you are.  You do not need to mask your true feelings or thoughts for fear that your partner will not accept you.  You never feel like you have to go out of your way to impress them or win them over, because they appreciate you in your most authentic state.

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3) They challenge you

We came into this life to experience growth and change.  A soul mate will help you reach your goals of expansion.  They will push you towards your dreams, and encourage you to move outside of your comfort zone to achieve them.  A soul mate will not hold you back or let you be complacent. You came into this life experience to grow together, so you will encourage that growth in one another.

4) You experience many “psychic moments”

With a soul mate you will have many flashes of insight and intuition.  You will often finish each other’s sentences or simply know what the other one is thinking.  This is because your connection is far beyond the physical, third dimensional plane.

5) Your love endures with the years

Unlike lustful or temporary love, which fades over time, soul mate love is eternal.  Your love will continue to grow, it will not wither and die.  You will not be tempted to leave your soul mate; from the moment you meet you will be connected in this life until you part at death.

If you’ve found your soul mate, enjoy this blessing because not everyone will experience it in this lifetime!  If you haven’t yet found your soul mate, worry not.  Trust that you can look forward to this experience in your future or in another lifetime, and appreciate the relationship lessons that you are learning in the here and now.  The people you are with in this lifetime are preparing you for the obstacles and achievements of your future!

As one last final note, you may note that these characteristics do not apply to your lover, but they do apply to a parent, a sibling, a friend or some other close personal relationship you have.  A soul mate connection does not have to be romantic in nature, so it is indeed possible that you have a soul mate in one of your other relationships. Be grateful for these connections, because having the opportunity to journey through life with any soul mate is a true blessing!

About the Author: Andrea Schulman is a former high school teacher and the creator of Raise Your Vibration Today, which provides free and easy Law of Attraction techniques.

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