Body language signs to make you more aware3 min read


Body language is very important and you can tell a lot about a person just by looking at the posture, the manner of sitting, the way of talking and more. It is very important to know the secrets of body language because it can help you become even more successful.

How we act has a big connection to the inner self and you can improve your creativity and confidence just by perfecting your gestures.

Here are several tips that will definitely help your body language:

You can improve your body language with the help of your touch

Even a tap on the shoulder can make the other person feel safer about his relationship with you. You can inflict feelings like sympathy, gratitude, and fear just by touching another person. Also, handshaking can make your conversation more truthful and sincere.

Laying down can improve your creativity

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The greatest and the most creative thoughts can come just by laying down on your back.

It is another chance to relax and rest while you are working on your goals and yourself.

Take a break from the constant thinking and try to liberate your mind and calm your thoughts.

Cross your arms while speaking

Crossing your arms can speak of purpose and persistence. Believe or not, crossing your arms can really help you when solving a problem. Plus, this will surely calm you down as it is a good posture for your arms to rest. Whenever you hit an obstacle, try to cross your arm and you will feel the difference almost immediately.


If you always have frown on your face, it will surely inflict your mood. It will send a signal to your brain that something isn’t right. Try to smile and laugh as much as you can and reduce any stress within your body. On the plus side, people around you will feel much better and you will be much more appreciated.

Chewing gum can make you feel happier

Taking chewing gum

For many people, chewing gum can be very unprofessional and unclassy. However, there are several studies that explain how you can chew gum and make yourself more vigilant. Also, this habit tells the other person that you care about your breath odor, which is always a plus.

Make an eye contact

When you meet someone, it is important to present yourself as a valuable and strong person. It is important to look in the other person’s eyes and listen carefully. You can show that you are a good listener by smiling from time to time or just tilting your head forward.

Stand next to each other

Sometimes, standing face to face can raise a conflict and will make the whole situation more confrontational. If you see that the situation is escalating try to stand next to the person. Standing at an angle will make the other person less challenged and confronted. Never back off, but instead, change your angle of sitting or standing. You will remove all anxiety in a second, while steering the conversation to a better end.

While speaking, use your hands for gestures

Using gestures during the conversation will make you seem like a more powerful person, according to several studies. Also, it will make the whole conversation more interesting as the other person won’t be only waiting for words to come out of your mouth.

While presenting new ideas and plans, use your hands to make your speech more convincing.

To summarize everything, whenever you feel blocked or depressed try to lay down, relax, and cross your arms.

If you can, take a piece of gum and chew it like there is no tomorrow. See if that can change the way you think and the way you act.

Always try to make the best impression when you meet another person in your life. It is certain that impressing new people around you will make you feel better about yourself.