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The Fact is that AI technology is increasing at an extremely rapid rate. It will by far surpass human intelligence by a factor of millions.

Should we be afraid of this technology and what it could potentially mean for the human species? How can we control it before it controls us? 

Founder and CEO of Nikolas Kairinos is very optimistic when it comes to A.I technology and the benefits of it, while indeed it could improve human life very much so we have deeper questions that only what can A.I do for us, or what can we do for A.I.

The question is how do we stop it if we need to? How will A.I be regulated by the government? This technology doesn’t wait for Congress to regulate it, it speeds up and moves forward with or without regulations.

Do You Need School If Your brain Is A Computer?

On Fountech’s website you find this: “For someone who doesn’t have an in-depth understanding of technology, AI may seem like an alien concept.”

Kairo’s did explain on an interview with Daily Star that AI could “ personalize education” and that “ anyone can learn almost anything instantly using AI”

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Kairo also thinks that our brain power will be boosted by AI implants within the next 20 years and so “ You Won’t have to memorize anything “ you won’t even have to ask a question because as soon as you think of it, it will be answered instantly.

“When it comes to AI in learning, we are only just scratching the surface… we shouldn’t think that tailored learning through AI is something that we won’t see for decades.”

Should Instant Artificial Learning Scare Us?

Remember The Matrix? Just in case you don’t or haven’t seen it here is the synopsis:
When Morpheus awakens Neo from the deep sleep into the real world that is a wasteland where almost all humanity has been captured by aliens that live of the human’s electrochemical energy and body heat and imprison your mind in an artificial reality 

The Matrix’s not only a movie, but it is also more of a documentary as there is a lot of symbolism in it and so many metaphors within the movie that pertain exactly our reality as we know it.

That’s the case with AI when we look at the self-learning technology, it will by far surpass humans and all we will be to AI it’s a biological being that poops and eats and consumes everything, a parasite.

Shouldn’t we worry just a little bit about this? What will it be capable of? How can you regulate it? Can you even regulate it? Is it too late already? 

Elon Musk also tried to explain and express his concerns about AI but as he said in his own words “ Nobody listened “ 

Do You Want The Latest & Greatest?

I am talking about the Latest and Greatest Gadgets of course. 

I am a big fan of the latest gadgets and this is how they get me, I just can’t say no, I am hooked on them.

The implementation of those gadgets is evolving extremely rapidly, first, we had PC’s with the internet but you could still go outside and not be online, nowadays you can’t. You have your smartphone and wearables. The only logical next step is to implant and you will always be connected.

Once connected, who will regulate the info-flow to your brain? How will you know that the information that you get is genuine and true?

Where will all that DATA go?

Who will store it? Who will sell it?

There are lots of questions about implants and the way regulating works it’s too slow this time. All I’m saying is be careful and don’t jump head-on into them.


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