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by Michael Pinello


Hello my fellow humans. Have you ever experienced a fork in the road, or a difficult decision and something inside you has pushed you towards a certain path or direction? As we practice getting to know our true selves, it is vital to start trusting your intuition. Intuition is described by some as a “gut feeling” or a “hunch”. Intuition can help direct you even when your mind buzzing with thoughts.

Believe it or not, we all have the ability to be receptive to the inner power of sensing either positive or negative reactions to a decision we are about to make. Intuition is just one of the many ways our soul gives us insight on decisions that will either aid or hinder our spiritual journey. It is a subconscious process and can happen in your waking life or in a dream. We all have equal potential to tap into this wonderful phenomenon.

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When we start to pay close attention to our gut feelings, and pay more attention to the “FINE PRINT” of our everyday existence, we start to notice things. We start to see the funny little quirks that our existence throws at us like déjà vu, synchronicity, and random connections with people who are beneficial to our spiritual process. Aspects that affect our reality such as these also hint at the fact that we are all one energetic and extremely powerful force full of potential and possibility.

Here are some helpful tools that I practice that you may choose to use in order to help you become more in tune with your intuition:

  • Meditation – I put meditation first on this list because of the many benefits that this practice will bring you. From creative inspiration to alleviating negative emotional vibrations, meditation should be practiced every day. If you are new to the art of meditation there are many resources that can help you with getting started. Start with small amounts of time and gradually increase as you feel needed. Keep in mind that it takes dedication, but it is a highly individualized process and each of you will get a feel for what works best. Meditation helps us connect with our soul, which is the main driver behind intuition.
  • Write – Writing is a very powerful tool for expressing the soul and can be very beneficial in focusing on specific parts of the spiritual awakening process. I like to keep a journal with me at all times and aside from writing just about anything that bounces around in my head, I also write down every odd occurrence throughout my daily life. Taking note of the quirky and strange happenings (a few are mentioned above) will ultimately make you pay more attention to the energy guiding you which essentially is intuition. (Dream journals can help as well)
  • Breathing exercises – Deep breathing exercises are also used in meditation but of course are not limited to that process. It is important for you to practice controlling your breath to increase oxygen flow to the brain. Too often we rely on our bodies to do the breathing for us, but paying attention to breathing can aid in slowing down your mind and thoughts a bit. This will let your true feelings start to manifest through the ego and begin to dissolve mental waste. This is vital to increasing intuitive perception.
  • Trust – It is important to trust your inner self. As humans we have unlimited potential in regards to sensing and feeling many different forms of energy. We are beings that are naturally very receptive and intuitive, and our power is enormous and divine. To be a more spiritual and intuitive being takes practice, but trust that we have always known what we are and what we are doing. We were always supposed stray away from the divine in order to rediscover it in all its beauty at the proper time.

 There is never a better time to start awakening and expanding your consciousness. We are all connected to each other and we each play a vital role on this planet. Always believe in yourself and the true power of our nature. REMEMBER … YOUARE NEVER ALONE! Much love, always.



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