Revival of Ancient Knowledge3 min read


We all have a deep rooted connection with both the spiritual realm and the natural planetary cycles. Ancient civilizations were much more in touch with this side of themselves, and this could be for many reasons.

Without modern technological culture disrupting our natural energy fields, one can obtain clairvoyance to the various types of cosmic energy in the universe.

When we begin to think about the fact that we have distanced ourselves from our innate spirituality, it can seem kind of troubling to a lot of people. It is important to note that this was always supposed to happen.

The Mayan civilization, as well as many others, predicted that the earth’s rotation and subtle wobble throughout time operates on a 26,000 year cycle of forgetting and remembering our connection to the spirits.

This was a scare for a lot of religious people because it is said that this last cycle we are on will be the end of the world as we know it (predicted to happen in 2012).

This is not to be confused with Armageddon, but rather a global shift in consciousness. We were always supposed to start waking up again around this period in the planet’s timeline.

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Ancient humans had a vast knowledge of the connection between living beings and creation on our planet. Ancient art shows signs that our ancestors had knowledge of galactic forces and even the existence of BLOOD CELLS!

The Dogon tribe of Africa actually claims to be visited by higher beings that gave them insight about the stars and about the complexity of the human organism.

The ancients had a much deeper understanding of the mystical world as well as many organic functions of Earth and humanity that modern science would discover many years later.

Clues point to a higher intelligence guiding these people to do extraordinary things like creating mammoth structures that seem to be far beyond that of human capability during their time.

The Great Pyramids in particular are rather peculiar. If we take a look at the positioning of them in relation to Giza we can see that the three pyramids display a perfect Fibonacci Spiral pointing towards the city, as well as other aspects of sacred geometry. Sacred geometry is a vast topic that gives us insight on all of creation.

This is just one of the many ways the knowledge of ancient civilizations can be a very beneficial tool in expanding consciousness.

With the creation of structures like these, there are also many common themes and attributes that different civilizations across the globe share.

These people were operating on a global consciousness and this can be seen paying close attention to the golden ratio and geometry in general.  

In order to raise our vibration and restore the balance of this gigantic organic organism we call planet Earth, we must have a revival of ancient awareness.

We must progress ourselves and keep in mind that we have always known the outcome of our actions. Even when we feel lost and alone, just remember the spirits are with you and forgetting our ancient roots was always part of the plan.

We are entering a golden age and a revival of spirituality and awareness is upon us. 

Radiate light, love, and positivity. Peace.