Expanding Thought Inward and Outward: A Life-long Journey Home2 min read

Expanding Thought Inward and Outward: A Life-long Journey Home

This existence is but a temporary means to turn our dreams into physical manifestations. The first step to realizing our true power as human beings is to acknowledge the connection between our physical self and our inner divinity.

We must never forget that where we came from and where we are going is the exact same place. We belong to a divine force in the stars that can never be created nor destroyed. We are infinite, but humans have been taught for many years that we are insignificant; we have been treated like cattle for too long and it is time to break the chains of “normal existence” in order to rediscover our specific purpose on this planet.

This rediscovery of the self begins with a simple change in the style of thinking that we are comfortable with. Open yourself up to unlimited possibility and potential. Believing in one’s own infinite potential starts to raise our confidence so we can plunge ourselves through the doorway to the skies. Too often our spiritual journey is put on hold because of fear or insecurity about our ability.

Fear is one of the most detrimental forces to our spiritual nature. The elimination of fear leaves us immersed in courage and in love.

The goal here is not to ignore the possibility of the dangers of this life, but rather to acknowledge that we have the power to overcome whatever gets thrown at us. When we start to love the challenges and re-evaluate fear, our power can’t help but surface from deep within.

Take a moment to consider the possibility of a multitude of intelligent species scattered all throughout the universe. Begin to question your own reality, and your purpose on this planet. Live in a state of constant wonder and awe, always asking why and how.

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Our humanity alone causes us to be disconnected from our “higher self” to the point that we start to believe that this life, this world is the only thing we will ever know.

But do not fret my friends; there is a solution to the limitations of our 3-dimensional bodies. This process is known as “spiritual awakening” and through dedication, practice, and patience; we can tap into our extremely powerful galactic energy.

There are many practices that will help you with this process, but a simple change in thought can physically alter your reality in an instant causing a change in the direction of your path for the rest of your waking life. May the SOURCE be with you all.

by Michael Pinello