Why life is an illusion? A scientific explanation…2 min read


Why life is an illusion? A scientific explanation…

Why is life so complex at times? Why things don’t work my way? Why can’t I see what future holds for me!
The answer to all those mysterious questions is YOU! And for the science lovers the good news is, we have an explanation for all that!
We have often heard that life is nothing but an illusion. But how? The answer lies in the working of human brain. Look at example no.1;
example 1                                                              Example 1example 2                                                              Example 2
What did you see? Triangles and circles… Take a look again. There is no ‘real’ triangle and even a ‘real’ circle. Your brain filled the gap between those lines and pies giving them meaning in the head that they are triangles and circles.

Go back and see example no.2. What did you see? A duck or a rabbit? Even I can’t answer because either it’s a duck or a rabbit, depending on the perception of the observer. Remember the double slit experiment? “Perception changes reality”.
See the next example:

Example 3A                      3A


Example 3B

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In 3A, you see the line moving forward, but if we restrict the field of vision (3B)

by blocking the sides, we see the same line going downwards because the visual field has now been narrowed influencing the direction of motion. So while you may think life is dragging you down, you might actually be moving forward. But in order to reach somewhere, you have to keep on moving! Time never falls and so must you!
Remember, humans are able to detect a limited amount of information for example, “limited” audible frequency and “limited” visual spectrum; we are not able to see the real picture of world. Rather we see a shallow perspective of this world.

Our brains give meaning to the unknown things. Physiologically speaking, this phenomenon is required for human survival, but when these smart guesses interfere with higher level cognition we fall in the illusion. Instinct has thus been designed to provide signals and that is why these signals are felt in the heart and not brain!
If you radiate positivity, it will come back to you, if you radiate love, love will come to you, if you radiate respect, respect will come to you. YOU will shape your reality.

Peace and blessing be on you.

Meha Fatima Aftab
Research Fellow,
Pathobiochemistry and molecular physiology lab,
Dr. Panjwani Center for Molecular Medicine and Drug Research,
University of Karachi, Karachi 75270.