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Through direct experience, I have come to realize that everything is doing what it should be doing. Planet Earth seems to be something like a lower realm. Some would venture to call it one of the Hell realms. I say this because there is a LOT of horrible things that happen here obviously. On the other hand I believe that we are gifted the opportunity to help push Mother Earth into a higher plane of existence. We can do this as a collective, but it starts with each and every one of you internally.

As we begin to look at ourselves internally, things begin to change rapidly. I have found that although waking up to the illusion can happen within a single instant, our transformation has been happening all along. We are on the verge of something special and I am grateful that you are taking the plunge back toward controlling your own experience. Once you regain control, you become the creator and the created once again. You are a product of the experience you are creating. We are simultaneously creating this reality and experience for ourselves to enjoy or not. That part is up to us. This experience right here and now very well may be a holographic simulation of sorts. I have been coming to this conclusion through awareness of literally everything that I can possibly take in, as well as through various plant teachers and interactions with others.

I first started to explore the idea of an organic, holographic reality simulation after an experience with a plant teacher by a quiet lake in an extremely dense forest. I was at a get together with my girlfriend who I had just recently fell for 6 months earlier and she took me to this gathering with her friends to a cabin in the woods “haha” . This was my first time meeting most of these people and each time I was introduced, I couldn’t help feeling a little strange because I felt like I had met or known each and every one of them even though we had never consciously met during this lifetime.

Later in the evening we went down to the lake surrounded by huge trees, some of which you couldn’t even put your arms around they were so thick. Sitting down on the beach by the water, me and about 10 other people begin to ingest the plant teacher. Instantly after ingesting it I could feel my body start to vibrate faster than it ever has before, this was followed by a zipper sound in my third eye inside of my forehead. It felt to me like my genetic coding was the reason I was here experiencing Earth in this body, and when ingesting a plant teacher such as this, it allows you to unzip certain parts of your coding. Unzipping little bits of coding helps you catch glimpses of your being outside of this space time. Each experience shows you only a small portion because the sheer amount of data that your being has the ability to store is so immense that your human brain cannot handle it all at once. These types of insights can be a really gradual learning process.  Right after this thought came up,  I could feel myself almost jump out of my body and into a new one. I then look up to the sky and thought if I wanted I could make the stars disappear. After a vortex opened up and swallowed the stars, I thought to myself “I create this, and this also creates I.” As I look to my left, I am now sitting with 10 people, all of which were different looking than the ones before and the funny thing was that I could now consciously recognize them and knew exactly why I felt as if I knew them upon first meeting them. I had assembled with these beings to ingest a similar plant teacher somewhere else in a different space time and without any doubt I could feel each one of them in my heart.

After this, I shift my awareness to the trees. They had now become various shaped triangle trees jutting out in all directions with faces at the top. They still looked very organic but also someone robotic. It was at this point that I could start to hear them laughing at us and almost dancing with joy because we could see them as sentient individual beings that are part of something much bigger. So basically I started to hear voices being translated into English into my head and the trees begin to sing and say “We are so glad you are here. We knew you would come back to us.” I then started to weep with joy and also sadness for neglecting nature for almost 20 years. Seeing it like this was new and completely different than what I had felt before. The trees then started laughing harder and said “Isn’t it funny that you think 20 years is a long time while you and I have both been around much longer than that? We love you very much, you shouldn’t worry about time because it is simply not what humans think it is” I was then overcome with calming and the trees went on thanking us for coming and asking us to spread the good news about awakening with humanity. After our interaction, I begin to gaze upon the water in the lake. As I look out into a portion of water with light shining down onto it, I see the water as a series of 1’s and 0’s, almost like I could see the binary coding behind organic and natural life. I had the realization that the universe seems to be an organic and robotic simulation using numbers, energy, frequency, vibration, shapes and all kinds of different novelties in order to simulate an emotional and sensory matrix for experiencing growth, learning, and for expanding ourselves into infinite LOVE and ONENESS. We are attempting to expand our awareness over and over, forgetting to remember again and again. We are the trees; we are the planets, and every bit of creation in the vastness of the multiverse. We are all that exists, in an infinite paradox between everything and nothing.

After this experience I was able to tap into my third eye much more easily with and without plant teachers to help me. I went back to the cabin and preceded to pull this image from my consciousness.

369 Manifestation Code

Plants Help Open the Doorway to Your Mind

Plants Help Open The Doorway To Your Mind

I love you all very much, and this is just the beginning. All it is is love.

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