-~-Who Are You Really?-~-2 min read

What is Chakra Meditation?
 -~-Who Are You Really?-~-Not one atom that is in your body right now, was any that you were born with.
In fact, chances are that your sharing some of the same atoms that once part of someone traveling the Alps in Europe, or the sand of the middle east. Your atoms could have been in Mozart’s hand when he wrote his symphonies or in Genghis Khan’s when he concurred nations. These same atoms could have been part of a dinosaur millions of years ago and now they’re taking a short break to be part of your life. So who are you really if nothing your made of is your own? A collection of thoughts and memories? That flows through the static electricity in your brain? Holding these things called atoms together merely represent you?
But what is an atom but 99.9999…% empty space? Why don’t they pass right through each other?… Why do they even stay together? Because it is not material things that hold us together, but the forces! The unseen is what governs this world.
So we are made up of pieces that aren’t our own and aren’t really pieces at all but a carrier of a force. So doesn’t that make us being made up solely of unseen energy forces?
Photons reflect off the surfaces of these forces and bounce back into our eyes to represent less that 1% of the (light) spectrum. Is this reality what we’re seeing or is just a reflection? A shadow cast of what could be?
So our bodies aren’t our own, and really aren’t even physically there. While everything we see is just a representation, its not even a clear one and is missing 99% of the picture and you are just one of billions. Sounds depressing.
But from all that nothingness, you were able to read this and create your own opinion about it. How? I thought you were nothing? Vibrations passing through your brain in beautiful patterns in the smallest of scales dancing to the tune’s it hears from this world of emptiness that is you.
Unseen forces is what you are.
You are not your body, you are your thoughts.
~Solidity is an illusion.
~Be aware, matter doesn’t really matter.
~Know Your Power.
by Will Lockwood