Who/what do we create?4 min read


by Sasha Yun

If you’re interested in a bit of deep thinking.
(If you keep an open mind and truely try understanding the concepts I’m fairly certain you can find some form of enlightenment from this)

Take into considerations the concepts of quantum physics. 

Particle wave duality: States that all matter and all energy are the same. Waves are particles and particles are waves. Two sides to the same coin, essentially.

The only difference is the conscious observer.
When the observer Looks at a wave, the wave becomes a particle, and when they look away the matter becomes a wave once more. Because, all matter Truely is, is a wave of probability.

In a sense the atoms could exist “Here” or “There” depending on where the observer Expects the wave to appear. (Expectations form reality)

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String theory:
Beneath every atom is a wave of energy. All matter is, is a frequency of energy (Think of a vibrating string) different vibrations create different atoms.

The atom can be “This” or “that” depending on the energy the string is emitting.

The atoms do Not exist in a specific location as specific things. Instead it is as if they are in a probability generator. They could be here or they could be there. They could be this or they could be that. The higher the probability of the atom existing there, the higher the likely hood it will actually be there when you look. (If you expect an atom to exist somewhere, it most likely will, because you’ve raised the probability of it existing there. )

Now lets apply this. 

The sun

The sun lets out “waves” of particles. The sun ray we would call a wave. Then you take a closer look at these rays. They’re made up of Photons. These photons would be called particles. For they are, really small particles of energy, which make up the wave.
The rays from the sun have no True static state (There is no objective reality, only a perception of that reality.) but instead they exist simultaneously as matter and energy.

The only true reality is the one the observer “chooses” to see. Whether they choose to see matter, or energy.


The waves of the ocean are indeed waves. When you look at them from a distant perspective you cannot tell one piece from another. Then you Take a closer look.

Isolate a water droplet

Is it still a wave? Logic would say “No” it exists closer to the form of a particle.

Now take a microscope
The droplet, is made up of hydrogen, and oxygen. Are those waves? No. They are definitely particles.

The waves, and the particles, exist simultaneously. Depending on how you observe them.

Now lets apply this a little closer to home.


Logic would say, “we exist as particles,” As matter. Each person being their own specific particle. Each playing their own part.

First you isolate the particles. All these, seemingly seperate, people living their own lives. Creating there own realities.

Themes arise through the years. Our history is full of themes of consciousness. Ideas arise through the years that “Frame” the reality we are living in.
100 year it could be a farming theme
The next could be an art theme
the next, a war theme
the next a more humanistic approach.

These ideas take on a life of their own. Each theme bringing with it a tidal wave of energy that creates events which validate the theme we were presented.

This is because you have now zoomed out and looked at humanity. As a whole.

When you do this, all those seperate lives, have combined to become 1 theme of energy. 1 specific vibration, if you will.

What has happened is this:
The particles have all combined, because you are no longer seeing them as seperate, they unite. Thus becoming a wave of energy.

We see ourselves as seperate entites made up of matter. Yet the energy we exchange is very real, we are literally, different aspects to the same wave of energy.

Humans=particle form

Humanity=wave form

Both existing, both being a different side, yet both being of the same coin.

All we are is energy, while we “see” ourselves as seperate, everything we do goes into the representation of the “Collective conscious.”
Thus, in a way, we are all connected.

If we are all connected, then it raises the question, what does the collective conscious of the human race become? When we are no longer, just “human”, what bigger and brighter entity do we create?

Think about it. Each cell of our body goes into creating us. With a distinct possibility of the cell thinking, it is just 1 cell, amoung a sea of other cells. Yet we “humans” are wiser. We know the cells create us…

Who/what do we create?