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Memories in mommies tummy. This is a foreign and far out concept for many of us.  Yet, with some contemplation it’s not that big of a stretch. We were in fact all products of mommies tummy. We did lay inside possibly up to 2 weeks after the expected due date.

The journey in our moms womb was probably the most psychedelic time of our life, even if completely dark.

Practically speaking, we don’t remember birth and generally things before the age of 2 because the hippocampus structure in the brain is not fully grown.  This makes memory dicey, although development does begin in the womb.  The amygdala, in contrast, is the structure for emotional memory and is mature at early infancy.  So where, in our brains, are these memories stored?  Can they be accessed?

When looking at videos of kids discussing memories of living in mommies belly, they all seem to agree on certain things, such as the fact that things are wet.  Here is a video of a cute little girl describing remembering seeing a planet that looked like a moon inside her moms tummy, and said that the moon would say hello to her, even though planets don’t have mouths.

This is her interpretation of seeing light come in through her moms skin.  The ‘talking planet’ would really be her mother and father speaking to her saying”hello”through her tummy.  This adorable girl also remembers a quiet heartbeat that she mimics:


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This little boy remembers a “whoosh” sound:

There are just some of the stories of womb memories all over the Google search results:

One girl writes:

I have a birthing experience as well, it would explain a lot of things. Although I don’t remember thinking as in a human would, I just remember a lot of emotions without a body, it was kind of an aware stream of conscience if that makes sense. I didn’t have a body but I sure had a mind.

Yes, confirmed trippiness. An ‘aware stream of conscience’ and ‘without a body but with a mind’ is probably what I would have imagined at a Grateful Dead Concert. I wonder if her mom was a dead head.

There is also parents commenting:

My 3 year old daughter is obsessed with wanting to get back into my belly. When ever she’s sad or feeling clingy, she says “mummy can I get back in your belly?” I automatically ask her if she has forgotten anything in there and she says “No, it’s Just nice”.

There are talks of past lives, spiritual realms and overall wild outpours of embedded memory.

There was one story worth checking out on MamaEve. Here is a snippet:

After he returned home that evening, he mentioned to his mother where he’d gone. She said she knew the restaurant well — it was a place she’d gone to often when she was pregnant with him because she needed to have a certain sandwich they made. The same sandwich he’d had a craving for.

As he turned the episode over in his mind, he suddenly realized why his attention was drawn low, to plumbing under the sink.

It was the same level as his mother’s womb, where he looked out as she washed her hands.

I don’t know about you, but I got goosebumps when he told me this.

These accounts are incredible, but should we really be surprised?  Most of us have very early childhood memories, so all you would have to do is run the clock back just a little bit more. I would suspect that the memories are deep-rooted within all of us, and be accessible only through means of hypnotherapy or some other psychological technique.

Oh, and please share some of your own fantastical thoughts and personal voyages in the womb if you can remember.

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