9 Staggering Realizations That Revolutionized Life4 min read


Improving your everyday quality of living is more crucial now than it was at any point before. Life is not as complicated as we set it up to be, and you might even find yourself surprised to learn how your life has already transformed without you realizing it.

This article will cover nine breakthroughs that can or have changed your life already.
If you are not happy with where you are now, we suggest you read on and learn how you can increase your quality of life through nine simple, yet effective epiphanies. Here we go:

1. You are not your mind

You have probably never thought about it before, but your whole life is filled with experiences and situations, including your thoughts and perceptions. This means that if you perceive your thoughts the same way in which you perceive other material things, you should ask yourself who is actually actively taking part in the observance process.

2. Your whole life develops and grows in moments

The biggest challenge of life is having to face a present-day situation. Having struggled with numerous situations and moments already might have seemed like a waste of time and strength. Now, what you should learn is to take one day at a time and allow yourself to put the past behind. As for the future, just go with the flow and don’t overthink moments before they happen.

3. Life’s satisfaction happens once you learn how to control your moments

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This is the true epiphany which should improve the overall quality of your life. You need to work towards a certain situation and design it as you see fit. However, it all comes down to how you cope with certain situations, especially if it is a situation happening against your will. Everything will be easier as soon as you learn how to deal with life’s obstacles and difficulties.

4. Avoid imagining things

If you actually think about it, for most of our lives we are imagining things before they even happen. We go forward with our beliefs and expectations and expect a certain outcome out of each. The problem is that, if a situation doesn’t go as imagined, we are left confused and bedazzled regarding what went wrong. Set yourself free of these chains and allow yourself to enjoy every moment as it comes, instead of wishing for something that may not come.

5. As human beings, we learn how to cope with suffering

Every suffering you go through doesn’t mean that you are doing something wrong. As a person, it is completely fine to feel disappointed and probably there is a good reason for it. But, it is essential you understand that you are in control of everything, which doesn’t mean that you are doing something wrong. In addition, it is wise to remember that you can handle any troubling concept, and get to the root of the issue altogether. Solutions are everywhere around you, so don’t sit around, waiting for a miracle to happen.

6. Emotions can’t measure if you are on the right path in your life

There are times when you shouldn’t rely on your emotions because things change at a fast pace. There are probably numerous situations of sadness, which resulted in a silver lining of some sort. This means that you shouldn’t let your emotions overtake your logical way of thinking and perceiving things.

7. There are two motivations that should keep you going

Every person is different and has a unique way of coping with issues and disappointments. There are numerous different motives to push you and bring you closer to fulfilling your desires and it all depends on you alone. Bad decisions can become lessons, while good decisions introduce happiness and self-appreciation.

8. Believing is a tricky concept

As soon as you set your mind to believe in something, your beliefs begin acting as a toxin, this boosting your ego but taking away from your original goals. Make sure you are clear on what you believe in and take one step at a time. It is also relevant to keep an open mind regarding all beliefs and try not to judge yourself or others as much.

9. Life is a subjective journey

Everything that happens in your life is because you had directly influenced it. Each experience, every thought, and every situation is active mainly because of your personal point of view.

Nobody can understand how you feel, because no one has been through what you have experienced. How you build your life depends on you alone. You are the author of your life and only you can control it.