4 Ways To Amplify Love In Your Life5 min read


Written by my friend Amateo Ra| Life is meant to be lived. And I mean lived fully, not just brushing against the edges of mediocrity. In many ways, as we go about our lives, I feel there is a deep secret yearning many of us are carrying with us. I believe we confuse this yearning, and often manifest drama within our lives and our relationships, thinking as if this drama will fulfill this yearning. It won’t, no matter the variety of drama or where it comes from, it just won’t.

What I believe we are truly seeking is to amplify love in our lives. To be experiencing love not just more regularly but in every moment. To be able to drop into the expansive serenity of gratitude easily and effortlessly. I am writing this blog because I feel as though I am getting there. More and more, with less and less effort, I believe I am amplifying love in my life.

I even receiving a lot of reflections from others, affirming to me that they feel how much love I radiate and how it literally feels good to be around me. I have committed my life to being surrounded by people who have dedicated their lives to love, and I now live in a community of lovers. People who deeply and genuinely love each other unconditionally. We see and support each other in loving wholeness and are a genuine family. I am blessed.

And with this, I wanted to share this new-paradigm of love with you, to give you tools to assist you in amplifying love in your life…


1. Take a Deep Breath

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Breathing deeply and centering yourself with the breath is the key accessing your love. The ability to openly share love lives on the other side of agendas. You have to surrender all agendas – the need to receive something in return for offering love. This form of Love cannot be quantified or bargained for…

So take a deep breath and return to presence, and remind yourself that every time you are present you are amplifying love, and it overflows into your surroundings, environment and people alike.


2. Be Grateful

I find gratitude to be the fabric softener of existence. It combs through reality comforting everything, especially anything that might have felt out slightly out of place. Gratitude is the frequency of appreciating the perfection of the Universe.

Gratitude is like an enlightenment hack. It jars one instantly into a zen like appreciation for no matter what experiences may show up in your reality. I’ve noticed over time, that the more grateful and loving I am the less likely drastic situations that provoke lots of stress show up. It’s the power of deciding what evolutionary route you’d like to take. Sign me up for the grateful one!


3. Thoughtful Generosity

This is the best! Truthfully, I believe that this is a gift everyone possess, but may not often utilize it. The people I’ve noticed who do, are revered by those around them and demonstrate how powerful, vulnerable and valuable they are through their actions.

So what is it? Thoughtful generosity is finding elaborate ways to show your appreciation for someone or something. For example, say I have a lover and she is going on a trip to Mexico. Upon her arrival to her destination she finds a note in her bag, telling her to walk down the street to a special store. There waiting for her is a gift, a collage of photos and set notes we’ve found together, and a guide who is going to take her to a spa to be pampered.

Or say you go to the park and you notice a lot of homeless people in the park. Perhaps you could get all of your friends together to cook food, collect clothes and set-up one-day a month where everyone contributes. That is thoughtful generosity.

It is these little actions which riddle the stories of ancient masters and their practices of creating love in the details. It’s all the little things we do when brought together create a huge impact in the world. Amplify love and be generous to master these little things.


4. Cultivate Love

Cultivating Love is a powerful practice. I create spaciousness in my life to cultivate love. I get together with friends, I dance, snuggle, sleep-in, bathe and walk aimlessly. These activities assist me in cultivating love and living there.

Treat your love like a garden. How do you tend it? You must nourish your garden in order for it to nourish you and be plentiful to nourish others as well. Love takes tending to, and it’s fragile. Your love is related to your openness, your emotional expansiveness and your ability to move life unaffected by the little glitches that arise. This journey has brought my experience of love to be that of a Prairie Dog, hiding and an on-edge alertness, to that of an gentle bird, taking everyone under my wing and knowing they are supported eternally.


Amplify love in your life everyday. Find more and more ways to do it, and I assure you, you will awaken to a journey of effortless happiness. When you amplify love, you connect to the core-nexus of Source, all things in your life are thus amplified and made more effortless as well. As someone once told me, “Be a Light-House, not a sponge.”

And so I’ve listened..


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