5 Ways Which Made Us Slaves of the Matrix, and How To Prevent it?5 min read


Being free in the true sense of the word can be quite tricky. To enable yourself just that, you have to learn how to eliminate all things that prevent you to feel free.

From the minute you are born, you are immediately registered, numbered and simply marked by society. From here on it seems all your life is somewhat planned out for you- grow, learn, go to university, find a job, get married, etc. Sounds boring?

Don’t worry, it is just as boring and uncreative as it seems.

What we’re talking about here is the so-called “Matrix.” The Matrix is a system which includes all theories, ideas, beliefs, institutions, social environments and itineraries, composed in such way to control our society in a way. Many people today are slaves of the Matrix, although unwillingly and/or unknowingly.

However, as with every other made up concept of proper living, the Matrix also comes with flaws. Here are the top 5 illusions which the Matrix ‘sells’ to ordinary people:

1) You have a choice and freedom

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Wrong! Even though your government may insist you have both the choice to decide what’s best for you while enjoying your freedom, but the government has been structured in such way to provide you only with medication of this choice. This means that it is legally forbidden to plant and grow certain medications at home, in efforts to make a person even sicker and even more in need of the pharmaceutical drugs.

Also, urinating publicly or walking without a shirt on can also score you a high fine. And who can forget the fact that our phones, PCs and more are tracked daily for any ‘suspicious’ activity? The same goes for your emails, social media profiles and more. Finally, you are not permitted from filming or taking photos of policemen, even if it saved your life! We play by the rules quite a lot, it seems!

2) Political concept

Do our votes count? Nope. A study conducted by the renowned Princeton University, voting is obligatory, but there are exceptions. While you may believe all laws and regulations are intended to protect the interest of citizens, they actually work in favor of the institutions.

For this experiment, over 1800 laws and regulations have been inspected in detail, all leading to one conclusion, the government works to boost the institutions instead of the ordinary people. Very democratic, I might say!

For instance, of a presidential candidate acquires donations from various sponsors, the sponsors are expecting that the candidate will adjust all laws to benefit only their business. And you wonder why people refuse to vote?!

3) Education

Schools are supposed to teach you all sorts of things, from reading, writing to elaborating and more. However, rarely will you notice educational system, which lets people fight for their rights, or truly implement their knowledge.

All in all, you will spend a fortune educating yourself on how to make someone else’s business boom. Artistic and philosophical subjects are diminished, as they stimulate ‘irrational’ thinking and creativity. Basically, the government allows you to know just enough to get by and not stand out from the crowd.

That is the sole reason why many of the world’s top CEOs have dropped out of college and have decided to follow their instinct.

4) Finding happiness

This is one of the biggest illusions to date. Anything from marketing to propaganda and any sort of promotional project can influence your way to happiness. To many, happiness has become a solid income. But, many people have tried finding the key to true happiness and still there is no common definition of it.

If we are happy and are looking for happiness, why are there suicides at such a high rate? Why are there stress, anxiety, depression, and mental illnesses?

The media is selling people fantasies about happiness and what is worse, people buy it! Everything has a price and everything can be measured materialistically, even happiness.

5) Beliefs and religion

When we are born, we are ‘assigned’ to be something. Even more so, we have no say in what we are trying to be. Sometimes, being on the wrong side of things can be dangerous, society-wise.
Everything you believe in, your culture, customs, practices, all things go up in thin air due to society.

Imagine that you suffered a head injury and cannot remember your identity. Would you be obsessed with who you are? Would you be anything truly different? Neither God nor the universe is labeling people as much as people are labeling people. This may cause a sense of lacking something but cannot figure out what. So, everything you knew about yourself has been actually taught to you and accepted as final.

How to beat the system?

The system is designed to make you feel enslaved and okay with it.
To avoid becoming just a society’s pawn, make sure you work on your creativity. Paint, draw, sing, write, explore, learn everything your way, be patient and be philosophical. This will help you learn things you never knew about yourself and you will probably even find yourself liberated from these imaginary society chains.

Focus on what makes you feel alive, on what gets you going. Do not be afraid to stand out, as many people are already brave enough to be different.

Dare to be wise and knowledgeable, and one day, it may save your life!