6 Techniques to Help You Transform Your Goals into Reality5 min read


Chasing after your dreams is not a mission impossible. Setting intentions which would help you achieve everything you have ever put your mind to can be liberating, effective and give you a sense of self-worth and self-respect.

In today’s society, pressure is inevitable. People are generally not keen on believing success is real, which is why many fail to fulfill their dreams.

However, your mindset must be set in another direction. What are you, if your intentions are not clear and your dreams are not followed through? Creating an environment which will help you thrive both professionally and privately is more relevant now than it was ever before.

While many people may have dreams, only a few decide to actually see them through. How many times have you thought about doing one thing, and then reconsidered soon after?

This type of behavior is quite familiar to many, and it is as toxic as it gets.

Think of it this way, if you trust you are not good enough to do something, then you will probably fail. Now, the main thing, in this case, is to give yourself a little more credit, get your priorities straight and learn how to balance life with ease.

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To help you do so, we would like to propose six marvelous and efficient tactics which will help you set your life on the right track and get everything you deserve and more!

Read on:

1) Set Intentions as Mantras

Your intentions, ambitions, and goals can become your reality if you convince yourself they are plausible. This means that you can use meditation or day-to-day mantras to persuade your doubting brain that it is all, in fact, possible.
Direct your mantra is such way to allow yourself to believe that your intentions are doable, realistic and achievable. That should do the trick just fine.

2) Make a wish

Making a wish may sound like a clever tactic orchestrated by parents to comfort their children. But, it’s actually not! Whether you see a plane in the sky, or find a four-leaf clover, or even catch the clock at 2:22, make a wish and feel free about it. Dreaming big is allowed, and it can bring you a piece of mind knowing the universe may somehow be involved in the completion of it all.

A shooting star is a great platform to use for making a wish, and trust yourself deeply that everything will work out amazingly if you put your mind to it. In a world where everyone always gets more, why are you afraid to ask for it, as well?

3) Make a list of your intentions

Anything that seems like a good plan or a goal to you, should make its way to a piece of paper. By registering your thoughts and intentions, they become more than just wishes- they become a call for action.

Also, by writing down every detail regarding your wishes and intentions, you will get a clearer perspective of what needs to be done in order for these to become a reality. Arm yourself with patience and strong work ethic and be prepared to always give 110 percent!

4) Vision boards help

qwaym board of vision

If you are more of a creative mind, you will certainly enjoy making your own and custom vision board. Vision boards serve the purpose of guiding you through your intention process. Use photos, colors, stickers, neon markers and more to create your own collage of wishes and desires. Whether you create this board at home or use website platforms, such as Pinterest, know that there is nothing more rewarding than to see all your dreams laid out in front of you, just waiting to happen!

5) Be straightforward about your intentions

This may be the most productive step of all. Speaking to others about your intentions makes them real and attainable. Therefore, it is good to find someone you can trust and share all of your plans and ambitions with. What is more, you might find encouragement where you never hoped you’d find one.

People who love you will be able to push you and advise you to pursue your dreams, without throwing shade on your intentions or undermining them. Also, speaking to experienced and knowledgeable individuals can help you realize that if one person can do it, so can we all!

Open your heart to new possibilities and do not shy away from learning from others. Be excited about your intentions and don’t be scared to be vocal about it!

6) Create an intention practice before going to bed

Asking for what you want before going to sleep can result in plenty of benefits. First of all, you will end your day on a good note and will be able to sleep better, knowing your intentions are lined up and ready to happen. Also, listening to yourself ask for everything you want can give you reassurance that this is, in fact, possible. Striving for greatness never came easily to anyone.

Think about it, every great achiever must have recited their bedtime intentions before succeeding, so why can’t you?

Do not be afraid to ask the universe for what you want, but be prepared to follow the mission through.

Remember, the world belongs to those who are courageous enough to believe in their intentions and dreams! It only takes one brick to start building a house, and your dreams are no different!