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Let us briefly touch the process that you have been partaking in for eons – consciously or subconsciously. YOU create your reality, and this has been demonstrated in innumerable ways, scientifically and for me personally; everyday. If you wish to “scientifically” prove this (within their current frame of what is “possible”) you will find contradictions and make yourself mad. That is because very few people have any idea how it actually works. What does it really mean to create your own reality for yourself?

The theme to embrace is that humans are incredibly powerful. We can cure ourselves spontaneously through thought, we can tone our muscles by imagining exercise and here’s the kicker: change the vibration of atoms by looking at them. Isn’t that insane? The double-slit experiment proved that consciousness collapses the wave-function of subatomic particles.  We literally affect reality by looking at it. You are far more than just a lump of meat.

We also create our reality by choosing the perspective we wish to adopt. Here are the three steps that go into creating your reality:

1) Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

Your consciousness is power – literally. When you being to focus your energy on a goal you have, what happens? You think about it more and more. You begin to see it more throughout your everyday life, constantly reminding you. Money begins to be accumulated in order to accommodate your desire for this object because you are consciously and unconsciously set on manifesting this reality.  Mental energy is an extremely powerful tool in this world.

That is why people who are on stage with many thousands of people watching them, say the feel immense energy. Because the crowd is giving them this energy. Many Olympians say that they perform better during the actual games than any training before hand. Their new fuel source is attention.  But what is “attention”? It is consciousness and psychological energy.

First step, towards achieving your dream and what you want: focus on it. Direct your attention to it i.e. actions and thoughts. Once this happens, the Universe will respond to you, and begin sending you what you are putting “out”.

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2) Reality is your mirror

One of the reasons many people give up on their goals/dreams is because the Universe gives them exactly what they asked for. Only, they didn’t fully understand that what they were asking for, has to be accommodated by you to accept it in your reality. There were things blocking this from manifesting in the first place, the Universe is showing you what they are, so you can remove them. What “they” are, is an assortment of people, places and experiences that may or may not be unpleasant. These are actually beautiful gifts disguised as nightmares.

So there may be a time when it becomes very dark, or it seems that way. I will tell you that personally, I’ve neared giving up several times. The only reason I didn’t was because if I did, what else was I going to do? There was nothing else with my life I wanted more than this; so I won’t quit. Shooting in the dark, in almost complete isolation was my reality for what felt an eternity.

A few years passed and I began to take risks and I left “no stone unturned” as the saying goes. After an eternity of digging deeper within myself and toiling in the dirt, I started making progress that finally reflected outside of me. The”outside” has to reflect the “inside”. So, change your thoughts, attention and perception and your world has to reflect that. Based on personal experience, I cannot deny this obvious truth.

3) Stay persistent

Understand that if you aren’t as consistent, persistent or giving everything you have nothing will result. I will say based off of my own experience, it took a few years before anything manifested. Shooting in the dark was all I had going for a little while and it was no easy walk in the park.

Things may get dark for you. I can’t say this is definite because we are all so different, but it most likely isn’t going to be easy. Because, you need the struggle to grow, this is what this is all about, anyway. This quote encapsulates this perfectly:

We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.”- Maya Angelou

This is the ethos of this amazing journey you are about to begin. You must never give up. No matter how “dark” it becomes, you just roll with them, evolve grow and give it everything that you have. This is why so many people give up, they think that the hardship is the end of it, but it isn’t, it is how you get to where you want to go. It is part of the process.

You obviously must also do what you need to do, information is only useful if it is used in action. Without action, you are doing nothing more than hoping it will fall into your lap. There’s a lot of people on that train, it rarely works in their favor. Activate and access your true potential, you are infinite potential, waiting to gift the world with your genius and beauty.  You have the power to create the reality you want for yourself.

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you received some form of new insight from this.  Here is more on how to create your reality:

About The Author: My name is Alec Cope. I am a writer, journalist, researcher and an instrument in new forms of perception and evolution. I am a contributor to We Are Change as well as Collective Evolution as well a a number of other outlets. I am creating my own media/news outlet as well which will be completed soon. I have a YouTube page where I post new videos daily. I have a Facebook page where you can keep up with the latest news as well as my work.

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