Here is How You Can Detach Yourself from Negative Energy Exposure5 min read


In today’s society, empaths are seriously misinterpreted. This means, that not only are empaths exposed to severe negative energy, they are also unwillingly absorbing every sense, every thought and every belief others may have. What this later leads to is a severe depression, unnecessary stress, and social anxiety.

Empaths are not made to be introverts, but rather feel the pain or happiness of someone else. However, due to this reason, they are severely misunderstood and can at times be even emotionally abused, without the third party even knowing about it.

For that reason, empaths must learn how to develop a defense system, in order to shield themselves from emotionally draining experiences. While at times difficult, this adventure will save your nerves, patience and emotional stability for the future.

Here is what you need to learn in order to steer clear from negative vibes:

1. Pleasing everybody is impossible

Know that people are a somewhat strange category and it is insane thinking you can do everyone justice. Most of the times, an empath is not responsible for someone’s behavior, even though they tend to take it to heart. Because of this, other people’s opinions and beliefs, and especially negative attitudes can impact your wellbeing, and you must simply choose your battles. Also, you need to realize that you do not have the power to impact people’s behavior at times, so stressing yourself about it can do more harm than good. Remember, you are an empath, not a Jack of all trades.

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2. Select the people coming into your life

Everything you own, from your thoughts to your actions, is solely your own. Therefore, to preserve that balance in your life and not create chaos, you need to find people you can trust. Whether these may be friends, families or colleagues, finding your circle can help you stay grounded and focused.

You are NOT entitled to stress and anxiety, just because someone felt like interrupting your peace. Therefore, find a solid group of people that love you and people who will protect you from negative impact when you need it. If you ever get too invested in someone else’s problems, you might do yourself more harm than good.

Organize your life by setting up limits and making sure you are one-hundred percent happy with yourself. The rest will need to adapt to your empathetic soul, and if they can’t, you have no room in your life for those people.

3. Allow yourself to be distracted

Woman stands in praise before a beautiful night sky.

The more empaths tend to pay attention and be good listeners, the more they are prone to negativity. Today, people like to debate their failures and troubles more than their happiness and successes.

Therefore, you are allowed to ignore these talks and just overlook them. Think of it this way. When a parasite enters your body, it will only survive if you create an ideal environment for it. If you don’t, the parasite will die.

The same goes for overwhelming people. Let bygones be bygones, and never take someone else’s problems too personal or seriously.

We are all grownups, meaning we can all solve our own problems. Show your soul some love and steer clear of these toxic pests.

4. Connect with nature

If there is one place where empaths feel safe, it is definitely nature. But, it is more than just about safety. Nature has an easygoing way of making you feel relaxed, energized, distressed and free.

If you are keen on meditating, practice your favorite breathing techniques in nature and learn how you can recover for the piled up stress you absorbed unwillingly.

Admire what nature has to offer. Nature is oftentimes giving, soothing to the soul and innocent. Surrender yourself to this nirvana and never allow to come back from nature burdened and stressed out.

6. Be responsible for your actions and reactions…but only yours

Your emotions can get the best of you at times, but it is an understatement that these can escalate.

Have a clear perception of who you are as an empath and as a human being in general, and make sure you only respond to those issues which concern you alone. No one in the world has your power or is entitled to overpower you.

Take responsibility and make a habit of it. This will allow you to stay grounded and get a clear vision of which emotions and thoughts are your own, and which aren’t.

On the long run, this will enable you to stop taking the blame for someone else or to simply stop meddling where you have meddled accidentally.

As an empath, this will happen to you every once in a while, but it is up to you to change it all.

By being in charge of your own mental and emotional health will allow you to grow and mature as an empath and a person.

To help yourself in such way, make sure to hang out with people who not only make you feel good and happy but also infect you with their positivity. And of course, the same goes for you.

When you find yourself in a happy environment, make sure to spread the love and dedicate your time and energy to something truly worth it.

To live in empathy doesn’t mean to alienate yourself from the world, but to take control over your emotional state.