15 Signs You’re An Introvert, Even If You Don’t Feel Like You Are5 min read


Introverts are a seriously misunderstood group of people. Popular opinion labels introverts as rude, mysterious and unsocial, but the reality is quite different.

However, what people fail to realize is that introverts need time alone to recharge, reboot and prepare themselves for socially-triggered situations. Oftentimes, introverts are seen in public as shy and keeping to themselves, but that just means you weren’t able to crack an introvert yet.

Whether you are an introvert yourself or know someone who is, today we are listing the 15 key characteristics which indicate a person is introverted:

1) Large Groups of People Overwhelm You

Being in a crowd can be stressful and cause anxiety in an introvert.

Anything from birthday gatherings, to concerts and weddings can be overwhelming and tiring for an introvert, which may cause further withdrawal of the individual.

That is why, more often than not, you won’t find an introvert at any of these events.

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2) Meeting New People is Hard

This doesn’t apply to your friends and family. However, when it comes to introducing someone new to your everyday lifestyle, can be tricky.

Introverts are not overly social, and they find it difficult to get acquainted and maintain new friendships.

While it is nothing personal, meeting new people can emotionally drain the introvert, causing him or her to find an intimate resort.

3) Speeches are Your Thing, But the After-Effect Isn’t

Introverts actually go out and do fun things all the time. However, they do these things less frequently and extensively than others. That said, public speeches are something an introvert is good at, but socializing afterwards or having to face people, will never work.

4) You Hang Out with Extroverted People

Introverts actually like being friends with extroverts, and it is all due to the fact that these can create a perfect balance.

While introverts are more secluded, extroverts can push them out of their comfort zone when it’s worth it. In return, introverts can be quite thankful.

5) Interviews Are Not Your Thing

While introverts are excellent at being interviewed, they are not keen on the process.

Being put out in the spotlight can be stressful or unnecessary to an introvert, but they can manage to overcome their jumpy nerves.

6) You Cherish Your Friends

Introverts are quite sincere and straightforward. For that, they often get into trouble.

That is why introverts are appreciative and loving of their friends who already know and love them with all their wonderful flaws.

7) Doing Nothing is Your Favorite at Times

Introverts prefer being alone in the comfort of their own home, rather than partying all night. Even if a movie or reading is not in the cards, introverts are great at being alone with their own thoughts.

What is more, there are days that’s the only thing they’ll want.

8) You Never Initiate Texts

The phone is not your favorite gadget, if you’re an introvert. While you like to communicate with friends, you let them respond additionally so you continue the conversation.

The thing is that you like your own space and doing things in your own rhythm.

9) Trust Is an Issue

Introverts are difficult on finding people they trust.

In fact, when introduced with a new member of the gang, you tend to take your time, and not rush with giving your trust to someone out of the blue. This means that you like to get to know a person better before making sure you award them with your trust and loyalty.

But, hey, that is okay!

10) Writing Helps

Introverts are creative and emotional individuals, who find it writing soothing. Therefore, many of them are writers or journalists and even like to do it as a hobby.

Writing helps get the most troubling thoughts out of your head, while gathering the energy to continue living your social lifestyle.

11) You are Considerate

Consideration is often taken as a flaw, rather than a merit, which is completely wrong. In fact, as introverts appreciate their time alone or their (dis)comforts and they don’t want other people feeling neglected or alone.

That is why they are valuing intimacy, privacy and inner peace more than others.

12) You are organized

Planning something is nothing new to an introvert.

As a matter of fact, introverts care for every detail and like to know things ahead of time. This helps them stay grounded, effective and burden-free.

13) You were Born in the Wrong Era

Your soul is deeply old and craves things such as romance, good music and love letters.

Everything related to this era makes you feel both blue and excited at the same time, giving you the chance to get in touch with your deepest feelings.

Due to this feeling, you as an introvert, are able to mature more quickly and get more serious about life.

14) Your Likes are Clear as Day

Introverts know their limits of dos and don’ts and won’t let anything disturb their inner nirvana.

They have their priorities straight and will stick to them at all times.

This characteristic is actually spectacular as it gives introverts clear path for their lives.

15) You’re in Tune with Yourself

Introverts know who they are, what they want and won’t let anyone impact that negatively.

Introverts are good at balancing their life, which gives them a sense of wholeness and completion.

So the next time you see an introvert, how about giving them a warm, welcoming smile?